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  • Sorry for the debates, but I'm not allowing Bendicion, that Misty fan, to get away with slandering May in every thread. She's clearly bitter how Misty was treated in Johto that she tries to project it onto May. Yes some things are true, but exaggerating how May was treated when she still got more screentime than every girl besides Dawn is odd to say the least.
    I just find it weird she's comparing her to Misty of all characters, the definition of 'falling upwards' with her Psyduck.
    What do you think about Goh? Since from your posts it seems you are a big fan of character dynamics like the one he has with Ash
    are you that same guy on tvtropes whose always posting about Team Rocket? And on the Sonic forum?
    Depends. I haven't posted on the Sonic forum in ages, and right now I only sporadically post about Team Rocket on the Pokemon one.
    Btw, do you do fanfics by any chance? I'm seeing you writing in details about the issues of the Pokemon anime or any action animes in general about plot armors, so I thought it would be interesting to show us your skills on how things should be done and what you considered a perfect writing.
    From your latest comment from the SM enjoyment thread. Well, mine is a fangame so you have a choice to make Serena win or lose, along with who hard you want her opponents to be. Nothing like the biased scripts from the anime.
    Actually I was talking about the fanfic blizzardblaze was describing.
    Well, yeah it's kinda crazy. Mine's crazy too, as there's a girl from another world, doesn't have any Pokemons but possess superpowers and can potentially be Serena's traveling companion in Hoenn. :p
    Well, I also watched some other slice of life anime before like K-ON! and Nichijou, and I enjoyed them so I was fine with SM comedy as well. I'm not really battle obsessed, I'm looking for original/different interactions between humans/pokemons, which is why the baseball and pokemon swap episodes were memorable to me.

    As for XY(Z), I wasn't really concerned about Team Rocket, since I started watching fully from that saga, so my mind was more fresh and can handle them. However, I was more concerned about how the cast were priotized by the producers/writers since I see them more often than TRio imo. And I get involved into discussions about the status quo and Serena, in which it seems people are making alot of arguments about them.
    Hello, I wanted to reply here from your latest SM67 preview post because I'm worried that I'm going to drag it off-topic. Anyways, I might only watched XY(Z) fully but the issues that the show has along with the producers/writers insistence to keep the status quo, I told myself I would never beg/trust/hope/believe/depend things on them anymore after XY(Z) ended, because I was getting tired to complain/criticize on things that they would never listen. I watch SM as my passtime and out of curiosity what will happen next, but my expectations are much lower. So, I'm sorry if we disagree to each other. Also, I already got what I wanted from my fan project and proud of it, so I'm less concerned whether or not they're going to deliver what I want.
    Despite the fact that I disagree with many of your views, you still seem to be one of the saner people around here and at least try to make arguments beyond "this series isn't exactly how I wanted it".
    I don't think anything you had ever wrote was rubbish text. Most of the time I think you rather just very accurately hit the nail on the head. Though I guess because of that, very few people can find any words to counter your statements, not even me (well because I agree with you most of the time).
    Hi. May I add you as friend? I think our thought are quite similar as I basically agree with everything you posted in the Pokemon Anime section. I like to be friend with someone that has an in-depth understanding of story-writing and metas of this franchise.
    Just answering here since its not related to Sun & Moon.
    But I do honestly think it would be very anticlimatic if kids (Ash & co) could just barge into the Team Rocket HQ.

    This is just me liking complex stories (and Team Rocket) but if they was to take a idea from Pokémon Live! I think they should go for the idea of Dellia dated Giovanni.
    Think about Giovanni as someone between Quasimodo (the Hunchback of Notre Dame) and The count of Monte Cristo. His entire life, he was raised to take over Team Rocket. Nothing but a succsessor of his mother. Once she pass away he is finaly free to go out and see the world, so he takes the job as a gymleader, he meets Dellia and lives happy untill she breaks up with him due to his totall lack of empathy for others (because of how he was raised) so he goes back to Team Rocket, makes the deal with Dr. Fuji etc

    I know its way out of the line Pokémon follows, besides it would be hard to market toward kids, bot hey a guy can dream
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