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Last Activity:
Sep 19, 2019
May 14, 2008
Likes Received:
Jul 31, 1988 (Age: 31)
Unda da sea

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Fish Trainer, 31, from Unda da sea

DaveTheFishGuy was last seen:
Sep 19, 2019
    1. Aposteriori
      Don't forget to close your Turtwig trade. Tomorrow he has a birthday.
    2. TheKnightsFury
      Hey dave you might want to tell Tylar to fix his squad in friendship cup, it's equiall 2 so like 4 of his Pokemon should be evolved. Going off the first match up its actually really important
    3. Wolfaotic
      Happy Birthday!
    4. Minedreigon
      Should I be scared of you because you're basically the god of asb
    5. ShuckTsubo
      For the benefit of many.

      For the benefit of one.
    6. Thatkid_special
      I'm in need of two rare Pokemon
    7. Eliteknight
      Thanks for the feedback Dave will be sure to be more descriptive in the future :)
    8. Snorby
      You earned 1 SP!
    9. Palamon
      The poor fish! Think of their feelings being eaten like that.
    10. Palamon
      Are you a big fish?
    11. Sparkbeat
      Hey Dave, can you delete the two Turpoo Vs. Cryssy threads? Every time I try to post the battle, I get this message, and I get it again whenever I try to access it. No one seems to have this problem but me though.
    12. Kuvario
      Hey there Dave, I was wondering that if you were to have any RF leveling matches soon, like today or tomorrow, I would like to volunteer for reffing, is that alright? I'll be sure not to fail you, what times are you usually available to RF?
    13. Aposteriori
      My own leveling match is being slightly held up because of a difference in interpretation that arose after Trot Away was questioned about his initial interpretation. Could you please answer one final ref q/a question?
    14. Aposteriori
      Thread is up. Link Provided.
    15. Miror
      I should be available for the next four hours, after which I have a two hour-ish meeting but should be able to continue after that as well if needed. So pretty much yeah XD
    16. Miror
      I can help with leveling as well, I have slots on both forums open at the moment
    17. Kingothestone
      Hey Dave, I'll help you out with leveling if you'd like. Since apparently I have 2 new mons to work on.
    18. Itzatrap
      Not a problem, it has been added to the list.
    19. Kuvario
      I'll be sure to keep that in mind, thanks. I think here will work for now though unless something comes up when I try and reply.
    20. Kuvario
      Hey Dave, is it alright if I send in my ref test answers in two parts? With all the stuff I'd have to put in, it may break the character limit.
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  • About

    Jul 31, 1988 (Age: 31)
    Unda da sea
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Pokémon Animé Style Battling League Official.
    I drive vans otherwise.

    Pokemon, Octopush, Discworld.


    Former OSL Water Gym Leader, PASBL League Official, TL6, A- Ref, Dark Gym Leader, Fizzy Bubbles
    Random arts by DaisyInari

    Feel like a different style of battling? Where your Charizard isn't useless
    because your opponent has Stealth Rock up? Why not check out the:

    Pokémon Animé Style Battling League!

    ASB has it's own subforum where you can can start with a basic squad of whatever
    first-stage Pokémon you want, and work your way up! Not sure how to begin?
    We have a Getting Started thread that covers the basics, plus you can ask for help in our Time Out Chat Thread.