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  • Hey, I know your busy and all, reffing half of PASBL(or so I'm told), but would you mind adding another match to your schedule?

    Mon1010(c) 3v3 XanderKetsu(a)
    48 Hour DQ
    Equilevel 1
    Switch = OK
    Concrete Jungle

    Just a request.
    >PG took a nasty shot of damage, but is still fairly well-off. Energy use was very high though, clearing out most of the first half and all of her Electric pool. She'll want a breather soon for sure.

    I believe SW should have worked, seeing as my electric energy hadn't been depleted yet. :/
    What do you think of my battle? LoL! Btw... any idea, can I use pokemon affiliated with ice in a Freezing Gym? I'm thinking of getting a Feebas that is Water/Ice. It would be a nice addition as a Milotic in my dream gym. Also getting a Snorunt with special weather lol. I wouldn't count on a Abomasnow since it's cursed with so many weaknesses. Any idea how to fix that?
    How much health is Pichu on? I want to use Gligar and order an attack that will leave it with a tiny amount of health left so I can U-Turn it.
    Ello. I would just like to use the Double Team to block some attacks since I know energy-type attacks ruins it. It's just temporary ad like a shield lol :)
    This won't turn into a Concept vs Mozz. I always go super aggro when I attack second and have a few contingency plans if he tries stalling.
    Agh... noo... the orders were perfect. :< He can now fix his mistakes... *grits teeth* I just want to crush that Eelektrik so hard *pulls hair out* *twitches*
    Hi sir Dave. Can't payback be the last attack? I mean, ferro is incredibly slow you know... Is it alright if I order Ferro to wait out on everyone's attacks before using Payback?
    Can't wait or you to ref >.< Lol! ASB is hard and long :p. I'm probably gonna be a ref. Which would happen in a month or so because battles take so long xp
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