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Favourite Pokémon
Nintendo 3DS Friend Code


3DS FC: 4399-0142-7083
name: David
SW FC: 8546-5978-2866
AS & OR Pokedex = 721/721 [each]
Y & X Pokedex = 721/721 [each]
Sun & Moon Pokedex = 301/301 [each]

To everyone making new accounts, etc...stop sending hateful kinds of messages, etc. I will always voice my ideas on something. If you wanna bug people about spamming then you might as well message the entire forums cause people will voice their thoughts many times..unless the forums are deleted, etc..thoughts & ideas will ALWAYS be shared so you people who are doing those starter accounts can just leave me alone as I will never stop my ideas on the forums & I'm not spamming. I will block/ignore all the haters so stop sending hate, etc to me if your gonna send hateful stuff.