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Last Activity:
Apr 7, 2012
Jul 31, 2011
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New Member, from USA

Dawkins was last seen:
Apr 7, 2012
    1. noob21
      I dont have 3 UU's but lets just do mixed I have some NU and UU I can use as well as BL
    2. noob21
      4th gen? Ok ill head on now did you wanna do OU/BL or standered/mixed?
    3. ~Lati~
      I would, but I got a new wireless router recently and it isn't compatible with my DS. Sorry.
    4. scizor64
      Your welcome ty 4 the phione as well!
    5. scizor64
      Hey Dawkins i will be glad to trade you your focus sash, i cant battle right now though as i have not finished my UU team yet and am waiting for a trade. Meet you in the room?
    6. sizida
      and no. i have no mood to battle now.
    7. sizida
      well yes it is for fun. and i like to use all pokemon for battle.

      however for me, fun is using all the pokemon for battle, not to win. more likely, i like to mock those people who thinks theirs need to be perfect to win.
    8. sizida
      i don't want you to state what you want others to see. truthfully who won't want to battle a 'weaker' player.

      my ubers are very mean.

      i gain my experience from battling ubers. so i know which method pissed people off.

      you certain you want to try my uber team? 4v4 doubles.
    9. sizida
      told you you will feel sorry for me.

      even so you battle me because you can always win me right? sorry i save my best team for only one person who rnged.that i can be sure i will 100%win.
    10. sizida
      i train my pokes till level 50.

      anyway thanks for the trade.
    11. scizor64
      i have 1 focus sash for free just try to catch me whenever you see me online
    12. Dawkins
      Hey guys im looking for the TM for sword dance and a focus sash if you have either and willing to trade let's talk!
    13. Tony1995
      I use AR for my pokes, all the stats are legit though
    14. scizor64
      I would love a UU battle! Ill try to catch you sometime
    15. Dawkins
      New UU members coming up ^^ will challenge anyone to uu!
    16. el buitre
      el buitre
      i can battle tommorow anytime let me know
    17. el buitre
      el buitre
      hows it going man
    18. Master X
      Master X
      I don't see you.
    19. Master X
      Master X
      Im online now
    20. meta salamance
      meta salamance
      those where hacks,wasnt they :p
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    Favourite Pokémon:
    I enjoy 4th gen :p 4038-3332-2265

    Football, Sports, lifting weights, gaming


    Looking for a Wish Hypno!! (seismic toss would be nice too)
    4th Gen 4038-3332-2265