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  • Zorua: Pika....chu! *shocked accidently Piplup* Pika! D: -*worried*
    Kevin: *crying more* I want you as my girl! *shake other girls off, grab your hand, sitting on my knees, tears in eyes, looking to you*
    (just you can say Zorua to him. ;))
    Zorua: Pikachu! ^_^ *hug Piplup*
    Kevin: *crying* Thatr's not true! He told me you kissed him! *crying* My cousin Ash have everytime a girlfriend! Every girl hates me! *crying more, you feel sad*
    (yay! Good Idea!)
    Zorua: *pop out his pokéball, change to Pikachu* Pika! ^^
    Kevin: *still crying* What do you think Dawn!? You did not wanted me as your boyfriend to replace Ash! *you stop thinking I'm Ash, but I look almost exactly as Ash, you notice that, but you know I'm not Ash* Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
    Kevin: *you think I'm Ash, for a moment* Waaaaaaaaah!
    Oshawott: *try to cheer me up, you think I'm really Ash* Osha! Oshawott!
    (no problem. :p)
    Kevin: *still crying* He dumped you! I'm his cousin! He text messaged me by his PokéGear! *crying more*
    Oshawott: *also crying* Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooottt!
    (I know. :p I had just a idea and I control Oshawott, not you. :p)
    Kevin: No! I don't want to go! *crying* He's your old boyfriend, and he dumped you for that girl in Unova! *crying more* So you don't want me?
    Oshawott: *sad, tears in eyes* Osha....
    okay, yay. :p

    Oshawott: *pokes you, show you Footage Piplup's lieing* Osha!
    Kevin: I'm sad...because you did not accepted me as a replacement for Ash! I'm much better then him! *crying much more, hugging the oshawott, you notice it's Ash's pokémon*
    Oshawott: Osha...*sad because Ash leaved him* Wott...
    (Yep. ;))
    Oshawott: *laugh Piplup out, explaining to you Piplup started with punching Oshawott* Osha, Osha osha oshawott!
    Kevin: *still crying, eating fries up, go to outside and you follow me* Why does she don't accept me!? *crying much more, I see you not, but you hear me*
    Long life for Pearlshipping! (y)
    Though both Ash and Dawn haven't given any loves' sign to each other (maybe never)
    Hard... Maybe Gyarados, but I haven't seen enough to judge it well. Maybe Dewgong, if we'd consider it Misty's. Maybe Psyduck?
    Well, IMG codes and working links... DeviantArt is not fit for that, you should use Photobucket.
    Piplup doesn't deserve to be bashed
    Does anyone else agree?

    Dawn (becuase she loves Piplup) and Misty (because she is nice and not mean to pokemon and LOVES water types) will defeat all the bashers!
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