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  • Funny how i got a infraction while they said nothing to u.God dam it btw just wanted to let you know that you will accomplish nothing in life and that im still better than you in every way b**** ^^
    Encyclopika doesn't really watch the anime anymore, though, and that doesn't stop her. As long as I can follow some basic events, I can still do my job. I just may not be able to partake in as many member-based discussions...
    Oh in that case I still don't think so. Nah the writers already gave us hell for 4 years so I think it's time they give us a break. You mean that you think they like nature or something?
    No I don't think they'll be like Dawn. Iris seems to be a bit on the wild side and word on the street is that Dento was a gym leader like Brock was.
    Yea and I hate that thing Piplup is wearing. I wish Dawn put it in the pokeball when Aggron used metal sound. Yea it's ending soon finally!
    Oh ok I hope you get it all back.

    I gotta say that they're interesting so far. Things are really going down to the wire. What do you think?
    I'm not sure actually. I'm sure if you ask in the PotW thread someone will know the answer though.
    You mean the date (1/7/09 - 3/27/10)?

    That was how long I was dating my (now-previous) girlfriend. : (
    About when he didn't evolve. He had a lot more potential if he evolved might have even gotten a earlier Contest win for Dawn. Also a much more powerful hate in DP 164 when he ran off because of too many Draco Meteors to the noggin. He could have just returned himself if he didn't want to be hit by it. And now another if not two episodes for him because he needs it to train. WTF
    I will be so glad. I think THAT DAMN PENGUIN stole a lot of Pikachu's lime light in this region but I also think that Pikachu has okay character development but not great. I like his attachment to ketchup which hasn't been seen since the first season which was great for comedic values.
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