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  • I see. For me, having a pet like a snake is so cool, but you know, snake is almost rare in cities and it is so expensive.

    Nah, my bunnies weren't easily to escape. They would come back in the afternoon or evening, and they also gave birth several times.
    You had some interesting pets! What kind of snake?
    Only chickens and bunnies which I'd ever maintained. XD
    Well, actually it's off from my mind too. XD
    Aggron is better, knowing Feraligatr is like an alligator, and shuckle isn't really same like a reptile.
    LOL. Yep, it's cool, strong, and amazing. And It's an ancient animal that has some similarities with Dinosaur or Dragon (If dragon was exist). Is there a pokemon that resembles Comodo? XD
    I see. Elephant is an amazing one. Anyway, have you seen Comodo dragon? Though I know it is not from Thailand.
    Surely the elephants from Thailand are well trained. Oh yes, the funniest one from elephants, when they are playing soccer. Also I have many shirts, given by my friends (they are from Thailand), illustrated elephants were with a soccer ball.
    lol. Nice info. Have you seen an Elephant, maybe more than one, step over humans? I mean in an attraction.
    That's great experiences. I've never pet elephant like that, because elephant is so rare and protected animal here. Except if I go to zoo, I can ride them perhaps
    Hi. You have a cute nick name. And cute avatar too. But I guess it's a Phanpy. XD
    You're a Dawn's fan, right?
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