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  • That's exactly why I warned you. I really don't know what the deal is - imo it's a little ridiculous that they could still count four years later (since infractions expire after just a month or two), but I don't think it's been said otherwise. I'll inquire about it. :)
    Your banners are too wide. If you don't fix this, you will receive a third strike and a temporary ban.
    I've reviewed Within My Own Nightmares. The review's mostly character-related, but I hope that it's informative and not too confusing.

    I have a horror story in my signature, Revenant, but I haven't updated it in months, and I don't think that the moderators would appreciate someone bumping the thread, unless it's me updating a new chapter. Speaking of that, I've written a fair bit of the fifth chapter to that story. A review after that comes up would be nice, but do so when you feel most comfortable, and don't be afraid to go all out. ^_^
    I write psychological horror myself, so it's really tough to scare me. Is this your first horror story? If so, mass kudos to you; it took me years to write a decent one.

    On that note, I'm pretty interested to see what other stories you have written. I've noticed The Villain, and it seems like an interesting idea. If you want me to read and review it (or any other story of yours, for that matter), I'd be more than happy to oblige.
    It was a pleasure reading your story, and even more so to nominate it for the two awards; it deserves both of them. I'm a huge fan of horror, and Wendigo really scared me. The ending, in particular, was probably one of the more frightening things I've read in recent memory.

    You're welcome. ^_^ I just hope more people read your story and get to see how good it is.
    You're welcome! I knew you had a good attitude about criticism, so I didn't fear going all out. :p And yes, the best thing about being criticized to hell and back is to be able to go and fix it. :D
    Since I happened to see a bit in your VM conversation with Kutie Pie: I am a Buffy fan, and I did recognize Buffy and Faith in your banner. :p
    Lol, it depends. I like a good scare, but I hate getting the mental imagery. *shudders* I like my sleep... and not being paranoid of the dark. But I keep going back to it. The X-Files, as creepy as it can be at times (Humbug made me frightened of dark corners, and I did NOT want to see someone removing their own face on-screen), I still love the series. It was the same with Higurashi. It's what got me to liking psychological thriller/horror. It also got me desensitized to gore, a-a-a-and made my story get rather violent in later chapters. Horror is a genre I'd love to actually mess around with one of these days. I don't watch a lot of horror movies since they rely on gore and violence to make it scary, and R-rated movies aren't my cup of tea anyway. (They're somewhat banned from the house actually, we're not fans of R-rated movies. We have war movies because they're historic events, and a few other movies from back in the day, but that's it.)

    You're welcome. I saw it earlier today, but I couldn't read it at the moment, so I waited until I got home. And your request on the Review Thread called to meeeeee... Well, it's still the beginning of the year. People are busy with schoolwork. Spring Break's not too far away now, and I think some college terms are ending for a week (unless that's just my college), so things will pick back up. The Fan Fiction section, as far as I know, hasn't been very active for a long while, I don't see a lot of people reviewing a lot of new ones either. And quite a good others haven't updated in a while either. So who knows. Things may end up picking up when summer comes around.
    xD Well that's new. Everyone said it was creepy. Guess you're a Nightmare Fetishist, eh ;P? (TV Tropes has now ruined my life if I can pull these things out, lol.)

    Well, I do like the banner for The Villain, a stare-down between two girls. That just sets the mood for what the story is going to be about, and I like that. It doesn't give anything away, but it tells us that something interesting is going down, you must come see (read) this. So if you want to make another banner, you can go ahead, but you should hold off on revealing it on the forums for maybe a few more chapters. Don't want to give anything important away.

    XD True (accepting, not giving in).
    Banners always stop people, since it does add color to the background ;P. Yours (at the time, Within My Own Nightmares) really caught my attention and got me interested in reading it once I got around to it. So it works, but everyone has different tastes in what catches their eye. (For me, I find it funny to have people tell me "Why did you kill Mew D:?" a lot.) Your banners look good together in the same sig, so you're fine.

    Ehh, I don't know if making people jealous means I'm doing something right XD. Envy's a deadly sin.
    It'd make anyone's day if someone pointed out a small tidbit of something that only a fan would recognize.

    xD My banner almost breaks the signature rules... it's one reason why I want to make a new one, I can't seem to shrink this down for some reason. Also, it's about a year old now. I actually did make a new one some time ago, but it's too... bloody for the forums. I don't know what made me want to draw it, though... anyway, time to mark off on the "jealousy" board then ;P. Lol, I'm kidding, I don't have one. But I don't want people to be jealous of me. I want to be jealous of other people xD.
    LOL Buffy the Vampire Slayer, that's awesome XD. It'll be really funny if a fan saw your banner, recognized it, and then told you.

    Yeah, I prefer to draw my own stuff, especially since I do need the practice x3. A couple of people have told me they could make me a banner, but I turned them down (nicely). But no, don't get jealous over me. There are WAY better artists out there. DeviantArt's filled with them.
    XD I was just checking. The two girls in your recent banner look like they were painted (I'm pretty sure they were) really well, so I was curious. But at least you're good with PhotoShop xD. I may have the program, but I'm not THAT good with it. I don't really mess around with it, I just draw out something and go "I'm done."

    I need to find the time to make myself a new banner, I really want to update it with something else.
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