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  • My weekend involved a boring Friday. An awesome late night last that consisted of me forgetting where my feet were while listening to the best music of my life in my friend's car. And today was alright I suppose. :) Yours?
    Ahhh, hitchhiking; the age old north-american tradition practised by runaways, bums, and people looking for a death wish everywhere. :D
    Well, I actually switched schools last semester, but I have only one close group of friends, which I'm not totally used to. And yeah, I like to think that I'm pretty cool at least. Hahaha. I would love to visit old friends, but that's next to impossible during the school year seeing as how they live in Alberta and I live in Ontario lol. Not to mention I'm broke.
    Haha, yeah, things will get better. However I'm doing my last year of High School at a different school in a new province. :D lol. It's not too fun. And yes, I am technically french by descent, but it was blipped out by my lazy great-grandparents and such, so my mom thought it would be sweet for my brothers and I to learn. I am completely and fluently bilingual, which I am proud of seeing as how I'm Canadian. :)
    Meeehhhhh. I'm doing alright I suppose. I'm pretty bored and I'm really not enjoying being back to school. La vie est ennuyeuse à la moment. Particulièrement maintenant que je réalize que mes vieux amis me manque beaucoup beaucoup. :(
    Totally forgot to say anything on here, but hopefully people figured out by now that I'm kinda back from vacation. xD I'm not continuing with my fan fic anymore because I've actually come up with some ideas for a book. I'm focusing on settling down and organizing the thoughts and maybe actually writing out the book. :) Published author for the fail win! Anyways, if anyone still wants me to read their work or something, lemme know!
    Yeah, a lot of them are kinda weird, Koromori actually seems normal compared to the floating baby and the Marley clothes stealing goth girl. I guess my favorite is the h'otter' of the three starters: Mijumaru? or maybe it's Wargle.
    Well, guys, for anyone that runs on here to check, I'm away on vacation. I may get on here every now and then to check and see what's going on, but I really won't be back full-time until some time after the 26th. See you all then. :3
    Wait, who are you again?

    Alright, just kidding, what have you been up to?
    I've been actually EV training pokemon for once, which I just realized is kinda pointless with 5th gen around the corner.
    Hahha yeah I took your advice and I'm planning out a fan fic, not for this site in particular one my neighbor gave me cause she writes too hahah. How long would you say you want a chapter to be? oh and for some back story the name of the fan fic is called "Shift!" xD
    So, I finally got around to reading your fic. I despise it! I'd spit on it, but I wouldn't want it to taint my spit D:<

    ...is what I would say on opposite day :D I love the fic so far, looking forward to the rest ;D
    Literally everything has changed seeing as there is a whole new generation of Pokemon, but in ways, things haven't? What have you been up to? Haha.
    Lmao April first is April Fool's Day so I was like, "Wait he might be joking." Then I saw March 14 XD HG/SS and two days before my bday haha! Yeah I'll txt ya anytime.

    Merry Christmas! ;D
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