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  • I've been meaning to ask: did you draw those banners out yourself, I mean really draw them?
    *high five* :D

    Also, I will totally take you up on that offer. It might take a bit for me to get a review up (because oh my reading list), but a fic used to experiment? I'm so on that.
    Hey, no prob. :D I would've nominated you for more, but I sort of hit the limit for how many times a single author can be put into the running by a single user. You've got a pretty memorable writing style -- very poetic and emotional on all counts. I actually felt chills while reading Wendigo, and I felt a little misty-eyed while reading Who Do You Think You Are, which is really saying something because at least for horror, I didn't think anything would be able to give me the chills (never mind the fact that I never cry over lit, either). I'd like to eventually tackle your longfic, but either way, I just want to say everything I noted in my nominations was totally and completely honest there.

    Keep up the awesome work!
    Yikes! I didn't realize how long it has been since I've been online. Regardless, I hope that your semester went well and that your job is living up to your expectations.
    Thanks! :3 Feel free to read my full entry whenever I get around to posting it!

    (oh, and Merry Christmas or happy-whatever-you-celebrate!)
    What?! Aww, I'm sorry to hear that you guys broke up :( And again, sorry to leave you hangin'. I was on vacation since Thursday morning.

    I know, you've been saying texting for a while, but I think it's more convenient than Facebook. If you want, we can exchange numbers over PMs, and we can catch up that way :) And oh Lord, college guys? Tough to compete with ;) hahaha
    Woah, so apparently I've been gone for two months...

    And I missed your birthday! :( You know, maybe texting would be easier then Serebii for consistent chatting after all.

    But how are you? Has any big drama happened around here in the last 2 months? And are you upset with me at all for leaving for so long?
    It's pretty neat. The pellets don't hurt as much as you'd think, but it's pretty bad when you accidentally step into the open and get like eight at the same time. There were some people there who invest way too much money and time into the sport. It was a little scary actually lol.
    Just chilling. I'm going out for "Airsoft" with some friends later tonight. I've never been so I'm really excited.
    Ive been good! Was traveling most of september due to work so I didn't log on as much. How's senior year treating you? We need to battle soon :p
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