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  • Considering I have you on LJ and all I feel the need to talk to you. I mean I've never really interacted with you and I would like to change that. lol.
    Yeah, I have a cell phone, but my parents like to snoop on that thing. I might be able to make an exception tho haha guess what!! I have a 94 in my APUSH class! :D
    haha so far I've learned all of the Hiragana symbols (can't remember about half of them, though) :p it's like 50 something characters, so my brain hurt for the first few days XD

    I g2g, cuz I have to start getting ready for school. I'll talk to you later! :)
    That last one is my favorite XD I'm aiming for French, Japanese, Swedish, and Malagasy (the latter requiring me living in Madagascar to learn it :p).
    Well, I hope to keep it up for a while. In fact, my goal is to be fluent by the time I finish college, so I can take a job as a veterinarian in Japan :D
    Damn! I didn't notice that it's been so long since I've been online. Well, erm, I've been good, I suppose - busy with school, but good.

    How has life been treating you at the moment?
    But don't expect any handouts ;D haha okay, an arctic fox is fine, but no platypus :p haha the males ones can be slightly dangerous (true story, trust me)
    omg yes!! that's exactly my situation! :p I gotta get on the ball then, apparently :p

    Shoe Carnival is VERY scary :p

    haha I'd probably scold you for having exotic pets :) nothing personal haha and thank you! I want to do very well in school so when I do become a veterinarian, I can make the big bucks :D
    Oh, wow, well my GPA last year was a 4.0, so yeah, I could XD need to be more cautious about my grades this year, though :p

    Ikr? I have to get mine from Shoe Carnival :p that place is weirddd haha

    I bet you will, too! You seem very mature and reliable ;)

    I want to be a veterinarian atm. I've loved animals since birth, so it only makes sense that I should pursue a career involving animals :) and I bet you're better than you think you are.
    Wow, you must be a genius o_O I have high grades, too, but nowhere near as great as yours must be ^.^

    Size 15 must be really hard to shop for... hahaha I know 14 is for sure

    I'm glad you did well! :) I knew you would though. I'm cool like that haha

    Wow, so what are you going to study to be?
    I know, right? It's like I'm Bigfoot to most people (which I actually am; I have size 14 feet :p).

    Ooh, a job interview? My husband-to-be is joining the work force :) haha I thought you were still in high school? Do you take college courses in place of some of your high school classes?
    haha I am very very self-conscious about those monsters :p

    Thank goodness!!! Someone taller than me :)

    I might be able to, but I'd have to be careful about my parents seeing you on my friend list. They're creepers hahaha

    Okey doke. I have to go to bed, actually, but we can talk tomorrow after around 3:30 :p
    Bon soir! Oyasumi nasai! Good night <3
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