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  • No problem! :) I was a bit busy myself till now. Hahah.

    Yep. Kuala Lumpur. Nice to meet you too! I am Srini, but I suppose that isn't much of a revelation xD Oh you're from Turkey? that's awesome because I had a friend from Turkey too! there are a lot of people from the Middle East in Malaysia, and in my university. Hahah I see you love Amour. I am a huge Amour fan myself! And that's great! I'm sure you'll really like my fanfic :) It is midterm season for me too xD But thankfully, I have a short break coming up soon for Chinese New Year. And I would love to read your fanfic when you release it. Do notify me when you do

    I know right? It was simply fantastic! I actually loved that scene where she just knelt down and hugged Fennekin in front of the whole crowd. It was really heart rending.
    Not at all. Glad to make friends :) I am Srini, from Malaysia. I'm glad you like my comments. Just in case you are interested, I have also written a fanfic, the link for which is available in my signature. :) Don't worry. We can see the raw episode about 5 hours from now.
    Sure whynot xD
    I like it.
    Yeah they both seem to be really similar to me. Serena's going to cut her hair in the next episode though.
    O sorry now received your message after I sent mine, o really 3:25 am the time by me is 9:27 pm lol .
    You didn't feel slightly disappointed as to how the episode wasn't exactly what you expected and its your join date ?
    XD true it really was great even though it wasn't whatbi expected but non the less great . I was even confided when ibsaw ash digging then realised it was a variety of berries ha
    I think their I cute and unique couple and of course we'll expect major development on Serena's side mostly by the way did you see today's episode ?
    O ok I haven't played it yet to but I won out X ,wow your pretty busy I don't think I can handle all that pressure unless you have a passion for it :)
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