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Feb 28, 2012
Dec 21, 2011
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In the Curve

Daylight was last seen:
Feb 28, 2012
    1. GoldenHouou
      Hey man, you still around?
    2. Kiruria
      Earthbound: The Rainbow Omen has now started! I look forward to seeing your posts!
    3. Kiruria
      Ahahaha, I'm glad to have fulfilled your wishes! I just posted the RPG in the signup forum!
    4. Kiruria
      YAAY, someone who's interested! Yeah, I'm definitely still planning on it--in fact, I'm almost done writing it up! I should have it posted within the next few days!
    5. OshyHikari
      I had 4 friends getting kicked out so I added you as a potential replacement for them on my friendlist (I always end my relation with friends with striked names).

      Technically, that means any friend on my list with a striked name gets removed from my list.
    6. GoldenHouou
      Yeowch, sounds bad. No rush in posting like I said, I just wanted to know what your plans were. Take your time and recover and stuff first.
    7. GoldenHouou
      Hey, you gonna post in Kanto anytime soon, or should I throw in a quick reaction post (for Diego), while waitin'? I mean, if you're busy just take your time, not rushing, I just wanna know so we don't end up posting on the same time and having to edit or something.
    8. Flame Mistress
      Flame Mistress
      It's about Gijinkas. Check it out on the SU Forum.
    9. Flame Mistress
      Flame Mistress
      Hey d'you have a room for another RPG?
    10. Flame Mistress
      Flame Mistress
      Never mind, thanks anyway. Cheers. =)
    11. Flame Mistress
      Flame Mistress
      No, no, no, Jessica's alone now. She's not with Emil, unfortunately enough. I think you misunderstood that.
    12. Flame Mistress
      Flame Mistress

      No, no, no, I've gone now. I'm not with Emil and Steph and Diego anymore. I've separated from that group to go to god knows where.
    13. GoldenHouou
      Ah, so you're a vegetarian? In that case yeah, I understand why fast food places aren't the first stops for you. Pizza with just cheese is pretty good too though, especially if it's the right kind of cheese and there's lots of tomato sauce! 8D

      I myself can't post again tonight (2:30 AM right now, going to bed soon), so yeah, no rush as far as I'm concerned. And I generally take a few days to reply myself, so I'm not one to expect instant replies anyway |D
    14. GoldenHouou
      Funny that, as I do eat fast food sometimes 8P Pizza mainly, never been a fan of hamburgers.

      And lo and behold, your wait is over! Managed a quick a post.
    15. GoldenHouou
      Your country's eating habits both scare and amuse me. Then again, we invented a salty, godawful candy that somehow many of us love, so ehhhhh.

      Proobably won't be able to post 'till tomorrow mornin', promised to post elsewhere first. We'll see. Though my morning is pretty much your night. So yeah. Might still be Wednesday to you then.
    16. GoldenHouou
      Where's this place with not enough snow, then? The USA? That's like my default pick if I have to guess where someone's from. That or the UK. I'm unimaginative like that. And ehhh, building a snowman's overrated. Now climbing a huge pile of snow and pretending you're like a mountaineer or something... that's awesome. At least when you were little enough to believe in your own lies of grandeur.

      Oh, it will. Imma make sure neither James nor Emil enjoy their journey together. B)

      Will post in the rp tomorrow, gotta study now.
    17. GoldenHouou
      Yes, well, the ones who did that study must've never been here during winter (or the Finns participating in that survey must've been fans of the cold, which I definitely am not). Plus, it's either slush you can't move in, or snow you can't move in. Pick your poison. Or get a car, I guess. But yeah, generally, not complaining.

      Oh, I'll figure something out, trust me. 8>
    18. GoldenHouou

      It's a deal, then. I need to give Emil one Pokémon that causes some trouble for James too, though (as if being constantly criticized and lectured isn't enough trouble). Let the evil spread and such 8P
    19. GoldenHouou
      It's my second language, shaddap. >8C

      That works too. 8D Cue a fifteen minute rant on how people have died from heart attacks caused by stupid kids and their scary, scary pranks.

      And judging my FM's post, Emil's not going to have any fun when reaching Viridian, either. He's just going to love this journey. |D
    20. GoldenHouou
      What, you got a problem with my beautiful choice of words there? >B| And yeah, he probably isn't... To normal people. But Emil isn't normal people 8P Err. Person. Isn't my English just gratuitous today?

      Feel free to NOT keep that few meters' distance, btw. "Oh God he's walking right behind me. He's planning something. Maybe he's got a knife. Or a gun. Do we have guns in this world? I don't care but oh God must. Walk. Faster."
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