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  • Grrrr...Sorry DB. My wifi is having problems atm we've go some really heavy rain and it always seems to muck up then :(. It might clear up later on, will you be on later today?
    shiney ev'd raikou, shiny ev'd crobat, ev'd gengar, ev'd roserade

    if i read it right its 200 a piece, so thtas 800 and i have 910

    yeah i can clone, remember i've offered to be clan cloner before.
    Ok lol. Whatcha interested in? Also small hitch atm is that i don't have action replay since mine broke so i can't clone pokes before i trade them. If you would like a poke you need to clone it and trade it back. Sorry :/
    Depends, which service do you want. Do you wanna trade with the shop, buy froom the shop or do you wanna breed request from Ivysaur?
    Ok I've given you the correct amoutn of points. (you've racked up quite an amount o_O)
    i also moved you to Legacy Warrior rank as you've clearly proved yourself, to reach Legacy Commander rank you must defeat the Legacy League. (i know thats a pain but it really does show us who the best battlers are.)
    Hey man, I should probably let everyone know that I'm again out of WiFi capabilities, but I'll be getting it looked at on Friday when Tom's here. He'll be showing me a way that I can probably get WiFi. So reckon you could wait til then? Sorry about the wait and all.
    Ok, I'll ask him next time we are online
    We are trying to get the tournament done but we havent had any luck yet as far as times go...
    ive been trying to catch you everyday since im always on all the time, usually afternoon...but if not sunday is fine. i think....everyday ill be on in the afternoon
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