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  • Oh my gosh, he sent you that message too! You see, he acts like like won something. At least we brought some sort of evidence! Oh, but what's hilarious is he's disabled messages on his profile page so that we can't message him back. Lol!

    I'm just going to bring my thumb. Yes, I can kill a man with this thumb. :p
    Yeah, he just thinks that's he's the the good guy who ended the argument that we started and he won. Twisted reality.

    I'm bringing a nailgun. :p
    Yeah, he started the whole thing! Ask all the Serebii members whether or not Double Team is allowed in competitive play, and most of them will say NO. He's just about the only person I can think of who would argue with that. And I'm still laughing about him quoting dictionaries for proof! Lol!

    I'm going to bring a taser! :p
    Black, white and.... Crimson? Hmmm, never thought of that for the title of the third game.

    What would want the third game of B/W to be on, the regular DS or the 3DS? And no, I'm not asking you this because of my signature lol.
    Yeah, he didn't have squat for proof. He asked me to give evidence of one thing, so I looked it up and gave it to him. Then I ask him to give his evidence, and he just pushes it off as "Well, let's just call it a truce here". I'm thinking, "No, give me your evidence or admit that you're wrong!" He did that through the entire debate. Like arguing with a brick wall.
    Yeah, I know right? What really ticks me off is that he's made up his own definition of "competitive", different from how the rest of Serebii defines it. Then he expects me to clarify what I mean by "competitive"! And then he goes and calls you childish just because you mispelled his username. I'll tell you what, I'll hold him and you punch. :p
    He responded. He's ignoring me now. Looks like someone else has entered the fray and finally got this troll to see the light. Although it looks like the troll tried to correct him and paid for it. :p
    Yeah, I'm getting kinda tired of it as well. If he responds to what I said last time, I'll just give it to him short and sweet and then drop it. He's too stubborn to convince.
    I think he's just trying to troll. That, and like you said he's caught up in the fact that he stinks at our version of competitive Pokemon, so he acts like his version is the only right one.
    Thanks! :D
    I feel all sorts of special now. X3
    It just wasn't the same without your banter to keep the sad state of humanity at bay.
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