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  • Haha!! I have to agree.

    Anyways, I'm doing now a "Pokemon Run". Playing all the games sequentially.
    Starting off now with Pokemon Yellow, next'll be Crystal, than Emerald and Platinum. I think of using a 'main team' and it's a pretty diverse one. I'll have to hack the game, though, since Tangela, Staryu and Nidoran (male) are all post-game.

    Do you see any problems to use hacks on those games? I mean...just to get most of Pokemons we get late-game and all the "1-per-use" TMs...do you see any problems in using thr AR (Action Replay) that way? Considering they won't have 510 EV's in every Stat and hacked moves (Magikarp with String-shot)
    sorry what?

    oh wow well i procrastinate a lot but during the terms i go on occasionally, still i can barely sustain much of an active role here. What are you studying?
    hey, i've been profile hopping, it's interesting to see another uni student on here! how do you find the time?
    Oh yeah. Like what? I mean...I've meet a lot of people that tend to criticize the Americans.

    My only complaint about them, is that they call themselves "Americans"....Sh*t! It exists North, South, and Central America! Even I am American, if you consider I'm from South America. Why they're Americans? And Brazilians, Canadians and Mexicans are all, Brazilians, Canadians and Mexicans? Haha!! Only 'cause they country are the richest?
    Indeed. Suppose my mother got a wage of R$1250,00 (that's what she get every month. My Dad (that does not live with us) send to me €$500,00 (that's like, R$1000,00 here) ) and i got R$1000,00 every month, then, we have "just" R$2250,00 to pay, our house, bills, and other things.
    The life here is way expensive. People tend to think that Brazil is an easy place to live, but it's not. If you're not rich, this place is just a hell.
    But a "cheap" one is R$700,00....that price here, is like, U$700,00 where you live. I can't be helped. A good one is just R$950,00 it's better to wait a little more.
    So far I've been accepted to U of Alberta and U of Toronto and my gpa was 0.025 off from getting into Mcgill :(

    yes that guy. easily the most intellectual of us all xD
    Not really, read the whole thing again before assuming i contradicted myself. Ive stated that YOU ARE LAPRAS! Youve said youre not, but....lololol! You wouldnt say you werent, really.

    No, im not. Why you think Im part of the problem? You dont even have an argument to prove that thesis, make, at least, the possible minimum of sense!

    And who the hell is Logan? Youre here and you dont even who he is? ****! And yes, he is a 13-year boy that make you look like a 8-year boy that like to trolling people...

    Nice to see you again, Lapras! Kisses at your forehead! ^^
    Now Im the queen? How nice of you! But youre a mere civilian whose relevance is irrelevant, specially if i consider youre not that ******* called Lapras!

    And...ahhaahahahah!! Really, im part of the problem? And who are you in the first place to say that? Im sure youre Lapras! and, no, i dont want your "help".

    Too bad, Logan is banned. He would totally kick-your-***! And lurk moar!
    Really? <_<
    Are you KIDDING me? Who the hell are you, in the first place? I don't even know you. Is that you, Lapras?
    Nah, it can't be fixed. I'll need to buy another one. Hopefully, next month my mom or my dad will be able to buy a better and new one.
    Just a bit, ~DC~.
    To be frank with you, when i would play in PO, my GF got a Virus on our PC and she broke it. Everytime i would play in PO, i got interrupted.
    That's a fact too. I've had plenty of fights here with other newbies. Though, they rarely disrespected me...I've heard this so rare! Haha!!

    Yo, I have never played online. I need to start online battling now. Pokemon X and Y sounds pretty interesting...it would be nice to play online with people on X/Y...i don't why, lol
    Well...can i say I'm pretty much the same? It's hard to be here those days. It's not like i loose my interest in pokemon or in rating teams...it's just...hard! Haha!!

    Are you online playing and such?
    Hello! Nice to meet you.
    I see you're friended with Jordan/Peacemaker. You're an old rater here?
    My teachers decided to screw with me. Two more unit tests next monday/wednesday. No breaks for me I suppose.

    We need a third guy with an alakazam profile picture.
    I'm guessing you're someone's alt, so I'm just going to sit here quietly until you tell me who you are.
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