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Don't have internet at home I use either my cousin's or grandparents so I can't get online till on Sunday maybe saterday so if we trade going to have to wait sorry
Favourite Pokémon


Breeding- :570: ;133;;447;:495::610::501::564:;427;
Sorry everyone my cousin released the pokemon I was breeding so my stock is low I can still breed them pm me so I can breed it just make an offer note that all trade will be done using my black version 2

Trading- ;424;:639:;485;;479;;488;

Wanted- :643:;001;;403;;151;;032;:646:;037;;387;;004;;155;;026;;252;;158;;007;;012;;245;:494: all female please will take males for black 2

I have a female :501:;447; with pokerus and :649: and a shiny ;443; with pokerus!
for the gible I will only take either a shiny ;151; or a female shiny;197;
FC 3525-9980-5163 Black Version 2

I can only trade on Sundays cause my cousin's router is the only one that allows my ds to connect to it