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    Hack-Check Thread (Read the OP for simple hack-checking)

    Trading my genesect so just to prove its not hacked to anyone I plan on trading it too Pokemon Species: bug/steel Nickname: didn't give it one OT: plasma OT Gender: I don't know,what gender would you call Nintendo IDno:10072 Shiny?:no EV's:(if known) what does ev stand for IV's: (if...
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    #646 Kyurem

    Looking for the Reshiram and Kyruem mixed(sorry don't know if they count as on) willing to trade my genesect with pokerus lvl 54 and oshawott ut calm nature also with pokerus will check to see there hacked
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    #032 Nidoran / #033 Nidorino / #034 Nidoking

    Looking for a it nidoran
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    #016 Pidgey / #017 Pidgeotto / #018 Pidgeot

    Looking for any of the three pm can only trade on Sundays
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    #001 Bulbasaur / #002 Ivysaur / #003 Venusaur

    Looking for a bulbasaur nothing special
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    #155 Cyndaquil / #156 Quilava / #157 Typhlosion

    Looking for a Cyndaquil not looking for anything special can only do the trade on Sundays while im at my cousins, his router is the only that allows my ds to connect to it
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    Trade Forum Blacklist

    Hello can someone redirect me to the forum where I can check to see if a pokemon is hacked
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    i have a genesect or cresselia

    i have a genesect or cresselia
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    #649 Genesect

    Trading my lvl 54 genesect for Reshiram or kyurem
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    #151 Mew

    Looking for shiny mew I can offer shiny gible with pokerus
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    What's your favorite Evil Team in the animé?

    Since o grow up with the kanto team rocket
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    Item and Pokerus Thread

    I have a female oshawott with pokerus and a shiny gible with pokerus I'm looking for a shiny mew for gible and the white legendary dragon from unova starts with an r... Forgot how its spelled can trade only on Sundays
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    #495 Snivy / #496 Servine / #497 Serperior

    Breeding snivy and oshawott check out my want list
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    #155 Cyndaquil / #156 Quilava / #157 Typhlosion

    Looking for Cyndaquil for black 2 check my Sig
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    #646 Kyurem

    trading my genesect lvl 54 for kyurem untrained