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Jan 6, 2015
Aug 3, 2008
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DD dark World

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Well-Known Member, from DD dark World

de_darkrai was last seen:
Jan 6, 2015
    1. EnteiFirecracker
      Yeah; numerous.

      Yup, them two are fine. It's just the Shaymin that are forbidden (until the 8th I think)
    2. EnteiFirecracker
      It's a Database Error. It should be back up soon.

      As for the Shaymin; I've got numerous infractions concerning them prior so I simply left it out. Once the event starts; I'll re-post my list with the Shaymin added.
    3. EnteiFirecracker
    4. Dragon Rules
      Dragon Rules
      Your meowth???
    5. Dragon Rules
      Dragon Rules
      What about I let both of them hold some good items?Something like dawn,dusk,shiny stones,max revive,or maybe rare candies?
    6. Dragon Rules
      Dragon Rules
      What about you take both of my jirachi,one for move tutor,the other for mew?
    7. Dragon Rules
      Dragon Rules
      Well I have 2 tanabata jirachis,both legit,no prs or smilely face,their id no. are 50707 and 60707,and the dunsparce is legit,no prs/smilely face.
    8. Dragon Rules
      Dragon Rules
      Things I can offer:
      Events:Distant land lugia,TRU Dragonite,Tanabata Jirachi x2,Channel Jirachi
      You can have 2 shinies or 1 event for the tutor.
    9. Aipom lover
      Aipom lover
      hi how's it going??? ':D
    10. Dragon Rules
      Dragon Rules
      Hey,I think I need platinum move tutor now,can you teach my salamence outrage and gible outrage and iron head?
    11. James Bondage
      James Bondage
      I know, but I'll wait until later on it. I have been considering breeding for either an Adamant or Jolly Charmander that I will eventually want the move Fire Punch on when I EV train it and evolve it into a Charizard. I will get back to you on that.
    12. James Bondage
      James Bondage
      Thank you again for the tutors...and Happy New Year over there.
    13. James Bondage
      James Bondage
      Sorry. Didn't get the messge about the mail untill after i was already there. I need it to learn the move Iron Head.
    14. James Bondage
      James Bondage
      Yep, I'm here. My net is running at a snails pace though. I need to reboot my computer, but I'll go on Wi-Fi now so I can try to get you that Tauros so you can tutor it for me.
    15. James Bondage
      James Bondage
      Nope...the Blissey was obtained in a trade over GTS, everything else I did on my own, or I trust the people well enough th know they aren't hacked.And no, I don't hack or clone anything I have.
    16. James Bondage
      James Bondage
      Yes, I will try to be here then to try to trade again.
    17. James Bondage
      James Bondage
      UT Shinies
      "Serious" Shinx, Lvl 5,
      "Naughty" Oddish, Lvl 22,
      "Hardy" Spoink, Lvl 22,
      "Careful" Octillery, Lvl 34,
      "Careful/Gentle/Gentle" Tentacruel, Lvls 35/40/42,
      "Bold" Golbat, Lvl 54
      "Timid" Uxie, Lvl 50
      "Modest" Azelf, Lvl 50
      "Lonely" Regigigas, Lvl 70

      EV'd Shinies
      "Brave" Wobbufette, Lvl 50, MAX EV in HP, no EV's anywhere else
      "Brave" Quagsire, Lvl 50, MAX EV's in HP, and Sp Def
      "Docile" Lucario, Lvl 51, MAX EV's in Atk and Speed
      "Gentle" Machamp, Lvl 50, MAX EV's in Atk and Speed
      "Timid" Mismagius, Lvl 58, MAX EV's in Sp Atk, and Speed (Cured of PKRUS) I CAUGHT THIS ONE MYSELF. I ASSURE YOU IT IS LEGIT!!!
      "Impish" Blissey, Lvl 100 Obtained in trade EV's are unknown, does not know "Thunder Wave", does not know "Siesmic Toss" (currently has PKRUS)

      "Quiet" Jirachi, Lvl 17, (WISHMKR)
      "Bashful" Mew, Lvl 10, (Toys'r'Us)(MYSTRY)

      Other Pokemon
      "Calm" Regigigas, Lvl 70, (UT)
      "Quiet" Regigigas, Lvl 1, (UT)(Platinum Regigigas)
    18. James Bondage
      James Bondage
      Yes. The one I sent is just in need of an update. Most of it is correct, though...gimme a minute and I'll resend it to you.
    19. James Bondage
      James Bondage
      Well...I thought it was going to work...Oh well...It's getting late. I think I'll waiyt on the tauros. Thanks alot for the others though.
    20. James Bondage
      James Bondage
      Hey...It worked this time...remember, I want it to learn "Iron Head"
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    Stopped trading events. No source for my events list.

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