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Jan 10, 2014
Aug 12, 2012
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DeadLion was last seen:
Jan 10, 2014
    1. redpanda15
      I'll be gone from the 9th to 16th. I might have WiFi long enough to get an order or two in.
    2. Mercutio
      Your battle is up here. You challenged so we need your squad :)
    3. Meetan
      Are you intending to finish/leave your adventure here for now, or do you want me to continue it?
    4. Meetan
      Regarding your latest Whale Island post, you need to edit your font to be size 1 and in deepskyblue. Until you fix that, I can't reply to you. Remember this for the future also - you should have noticed that the other updatees were doing it, so should you!
    5. Dark Searchman
      Dark Searchman
      Um, no you don't pick up a Monday Candy... not while you're showing off a signature... =P
    6. Takeo
      You, I and a few others got updates in Whale Island, get going!!
    7. Takeo
      Idk if you know this already but you should sign up on UPN, the FB branch there has a Casino which is great for earning coins pretty quickly (unless you get unlucky...). UPN also has a FB Calender (for birthdays of you and your Pokemon) and the Adoption Centre. Both of which are pretty helpful/useful. There's also an Arcade!. Welp, just thought you should know.
    8. Treepandaone
      Regarding your post here the reason you've been missed out is because updaters don't have to take you. You can post in whatever zone you like but the updater has reached his personal cap (the cap they set themselves due to time constraints etc.). At the moment all of the ZAs have said that they're busy / going to be busy over the next few months that they can't take any newboys on.

      You'll just have to be patient and hope someone takes your update, unfortunately.
    9. takkupanda
    10. Vegetunks937
    11. Vegetunks937
      how did you added a trainer sprite to the summary in squad summaries in Anime style battling
    12. Martz
      Not a problem.
    13. Martz
      http://forums.upnetwork.net/ It's the same as here. Everything seems to go a little faster on there. Still figuring out my MSN situation and honestly just came back from a long hiatus BUT if you have any questions, PM or drop a message on my "wall" (visitor message >>"). Remember your allowed to have 4 matches in total. 3 max on each forum. So 3 here, 1 on UPN. 2-2, 1-3. Hope you get that.

      I used to be UPN exclusive because this forum used to be slow mechanically. Couldn't load any pages to save my life lol.
    14. Martz
      Never put a poptart in the microwave...BAD IDEA. Guessing your new around here? Have you been on UPN yet?
    15. Martz
      Now if we could just get a ref lol. Let me see if I can pull some strings. I just came back from a long hiatus but still have a few connections. Sppf is relatively slow...
    16. Martz
      Hey DeadLion, Took you match.
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