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Recent content by Dean

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    Smash Brothers for Nintendo Switch (and others)

    How are you guys buying SSB4? http://strawpoll.me/2373520
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    The Singles Rate Thread [Read the Rules and Follow the Format]

    I wanted to make a mixed Mega Lucario with Aura Sphere (it's my second favorite Fighting type move, Brick Break being first) and was wondering if this was a good set. Lucario @ Lucarionite Steadfast -> Adaptability Jolly Nature 116 Attack, 142 Sp. Attack, 252 Speed - Aura Sphere - Bullet...
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    ☆ The Official Claim a Pokemon Thread Ver. 6.0 ☆

    Raikou --- Dean --- November 23, 2013
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    The Pokemon Questions Thread Again!

    If I have 5 eggs and a Pokemon with Flame Body/Magma Armor, do they all get their egg cycles reduced by half?
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    Official Black 2 & White 2 Help thread

    Can the Reveal Glass work on non-Dream Radar versions of the Kami Trio? For example, is it possible for my Landorus from my original white version to change into Therian Forme?
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    The Student Lounge Thread.

    Do you think it was bad that I missed my community college orientation. I'm really freaked out.
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    Are you back online?

    Are you back online?
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    that's weird, i don't see you

    that's weird, i don't see you
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    No, someone already made an offer. Sorry.

    No, someone already made an offer. Sorry.
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    Event Trading Thread

    I have the SPR2012 Reshiram. Does any one have SPR2012 Zekrom that they are willing to trade? I really want the Zekrom C-gear. PM me if interested
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    advent calander 2011 thread

    Ah, Thanks so much! :D
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    advent calander 2011 thread

    I need help with 5 down. Gained an evolution in a generation after it was released i have 12 and 14 across. Can someone help me?
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    House MD just used...

    Here's the clip :D
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    The Unova Zodiac

    I like Scolipede and Autumn is my favorite season. I never use a white herb, though.