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Recent content by Deathborn_606

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    She's Mine, He's Mine {Collosseum Shipping}

    Yeah I've planned to make this fic longer and yeah "alas" isn't a word I really like using so I'll decrease my using of it. Thanks for liking it.
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    Couple Claiming Thread 4.0

    Whoops sorry about that. Wes X Rui From Pokemon Collosseum - Deathborn_606 Ron X Yori From Kim Possible - Deathborn_606
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    She's Mine, He's Mine {Collosseum Shipping}

    I wish you were a little bit more descriptive on what you meant when you said "you're story is kinda getting to the right path". But still yeah thank you for your reply and your comment.
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    Couple Claiming Thread 4.0

    Wes x Rui from Pokemon Collosseum Ron x Yori from Kim Possible
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    She's Mine, He's Mine {Collosseum Shipping}

    Okay while I have much to learn about fic writing in general I decided to post my first shipping fic I have ever started on before. And alas it is a Collosseum Shipping fic, {Meaning WesxRui shipping here people}. So alas if you haven't played Pokemon Collosseum before then you might not...
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    Brightening up your life Advanceshipping rated PG-13

    One thing I don't like it the fact whenever you insert a quotation mark after someone is talking or when you insert a period or comma you don't space the next word and the period/comma/quotation out. Just a silly grammar error you should fix up on in the next chapters. Why do I have a slight...
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    Dark gym?

    Why not Dark Pulse? Yeah a dark gym would be nice for once at least and here's what I think the gym leader's pokemon should be. Murkrow Mikaruge Houndoom Weavile
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    Brock´s Pokemons

    LOL Brock is never gonna have a dragon pokemon, never has never will. Only other one I can see him getting is Minomucchi believe it or not.
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    lets talk about celebi and ledgendarys

    Your impressive grammar amuses me so does your topic post not having much relation to the Topic Title. Reports since humor ended 2 seconds during the time I post this.
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    Monster Houses

    When I go into a small clearing with a monster house in it and I'm the only one in my team I go back 1 step into the narrow path that lead me to the clearing and pick off the eneimes 1 by 1 as they come for me.
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    Is shuckle good?

    As stated, Dusclops would be better than Shuckle. Better stats, better movepool. Shuckle is well mehish.
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    Out of Curiosity...

    Back when I acted like a newbie in the pokemon yes I did. Now I've changed and no ubers for me.
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    Pokevolution {12+}

    Sorry but since this is a chapter, I looked at how long this was in Microsoft Word, it's not even 1 page in length. It has to be at least 3 pages in Microsoft Word to be acceptable. So I suggest work on a chapter for a couple of days to actually put some thought into one. Even thought the...
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    Pokevolution {12+}

    Me shall be reporting this now. At least you gave it a rating which means you understand something.
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    Male or Female?

    Gender doesn't matter to me as long as I catch the pokemon.