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  • have you listened to Oren Ambarchi yet or Fennesz.

    i'm entirely serious and truthful when i say that you would dig them both.
    i honestly could not make if past three tracks on MPP. tried many times.

    newest motW isn't like the last Kayo Dot.

    i can assure you that you would dig that Ambarchi album a lot.
    oh, and check out Oren Ambarchi's Grapes from the Estate. he guested on the recent Sunn album; checked out his most popular album on RYM, and it is ****ing great.
    well yes but you like black metal more than i do. (have you check out that Cobalt album, btw?)

    bit mystified by the Animal Collective appreciation, though.

    still gonna have to give maudlin of the Well's album a few more gos to form a proper opinion on it. liking it a lot, though.
    i haven't really been paying much attention to 2009 as it's been somewhat disappointing so far. a few metal albums have stood out, as have a few other releases. Cobalt's Gin and Towers' Full Circle are probably the best I've heard this year so far.

    been mostly going on a hip hop and jazz binge, which i'm slowly starting to wind down from. dunno where i'll go next; maybe some ambient and folk.
    Thought I mentioned it being a crime that Beautiful Speck Triumph is out of print? Eh, whatever. I'm guessing it went into the $40-50 range or up?

    Don't remember what the conversion rate is, but that's a nice deal for Alloy. Would've thought that you would already have bought it. Got it myself for 15 to 20 bucks earlier this year.
    i bought a hard copy of Birchville Cat Motel's Beautiful Speck Triumph. for $17.

    how lucky can you get
    Will give those Yellow Swans albums a shot, then. I also apparently need to listen to Worrytain.

    Though they're apparently "experimental sludge," which could mean any number of things. If they're pretentious enough to have a 70-minute uninterrupted song on one album, I become vaguely curious.

    Also, where to start with Yellow Swans?
    By the by, have you looked in Ben Chasny's material? Under his Six Organs of Admittance moniker and the work he's done with Comets on Fire. Drone folk and American primitivism. You will love him if you haven't listened to 'im.
    Mm. Would do yourself a favor by downloading Can's Tago Mago and listening to that instead.
    I could always try to find a consistently awesome online music community, but that would take too much work!
    I wouldn't really bother with the message board or any nonsense like that. Just see if I can meet a few other people like yourself that have actual taste and know their **** about genres.
    Am thinking about creating and RYM account in the near-future. Music threads here have becoming ****ing dire.
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