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  • 1: That was kind of the point.
    2: A "Gary-Stu" is generally a character with little to no real flaws. Ash Ketchum is a character who really shouldn't be as powerful as he is, but normally wins his fights in an unbelievable way, such as Pikachu killing Golem, Rhydon, or other Ground types with an electric attack. You could argue that the games physics and animes physics are different, but it still doesn't change the fact that Ash generally wins his fights unrealistically.
    3: Yes, I'd say so.
    4: Sorry, I didn't think to do that.
    Ash is pretty much the "anti-Gary Stu"

    Right, because a kid who wins about every fight with a god-modding Pikachu is an "Anti-Gary Stu." Seriously.
    lol. Well, I like the gif of Woody with that meme on it you have in your sig, for one thing. XD.

    I figured since I see you in the forums, might as well send a FQ.
    Im a bit incensed that after all this time, Ash didnt even get a sniff at one pseudo legendary, but Iris got one so easily.. and without even training it from a dratini...
    Yep, different strokes and all that. Life wouldn't be half as interesting if everybody liked the same things. It would certainly make discussion around the forum more boring, if not more civilized.
    I like Adventure Time, but I've never really watched the other two. Of the current shows, I'd say The Looney Tunes Show is my favorite. Taking older shows into consideration, my favorite would probably be Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Camp Lazlo, or Chowder.
    Hiya! GalladeRocks here. It occurred to me today that I've seen you around a lot in my time here, yet never sent you a friend request. And so, I now have! How have you been?
    same here. Ive only played the games and Ive watched 23 eps of the saga. I conclude that it is SERIOUSLY stale and is NOTHING like DP.
    after seeing your posts, I must say you are becoming my favorite among pearlshippers. MY favorite girl that traveled with Ash was Dawn. She was the one that truly was there for him whenever he had detractors. I remember that one episode when she told Maylene "Sometimes I feel like Im holding back Ash's dreams". THat just won me over.
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