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  • Well I think we've all been there in some form or another. Here's hoping it's only up from from your current position. Life is a multitude of things and it is my wish that your will always outweighs any idea of an untimely end.

    Ain't even mad bro
    pkmnhippy told me you were being sarcastic in that post.
    Life is a lot like a cave full of Zubats. I keep on whooping them, but I take another 2 steps and another one appears.
    I watch other shows other than Pokemon as well, but it was obvious Pokemon was never going to be anything more than what it is, an advert for the games.

    DP did definitely have more of a plot structure than all the previous sagas, (and probably BW too), but it still did wind up sticking to the same usual formula anyway.
    I thought you were interested in the show being more Kanto-ish again. The first two eps certainly did have a Kanto vibe to them.

    Just because Dawn is gone doesn't mean you can't enjoy the show for other reasons, just like you did before she was introduced.
    I see, I see. It was failry innocent honestly. I figured there was probably the best place to express my hatred of Kenny, and the shitty Peguinshipping garbage they "set-up" in DP180. Despite the fact we may disagree on Ash's character quite often, I do like Dawn's character as well. That's probably as good of a place as any to talk about her character while she's still around.

    I just started posting on a whim, and it seemed I was having fairly good convos with them. If I broke the rules, I apologize. I just wanted to see from their standpoint where their shipping stands after the events of that episode. Since I was curious myself on what it's purpose was since Dawn was going to leave anyway. I'm curious to hear you standpoint as well since you are a PS, of course if you are willing to give it.
    I'm neutral to shipping as a whole. I don't mind talking about it every now and then if I'm bored. I'm not bringing any critisim, at as far as I'm concerned. If people think I am feel free to let me know. I was just questioning them on what they thought the purpose of DP180 was regaurding their ship since, looking back, alot of them seemd upset over it at first. I was just curious to see how they felt about it really, and it went from there.
    Well it's gaining in popularity, it's even passing Bleach in Shonen Jump rankings.
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