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  • It's about a boy who gets stuck looking after the devil's infant son. It's hilarious, and needs more support. Right now it only has a cult following
    Naruto was more lazy writing. One Piece we're shown beforehand what they all are going to do, it just cuts down so we don't have to see it all.

    Well Naruto is consistently second to One Piece, it just will never pass it. I wish Beezelbub would grow in popularity, because that is second to One Piece in Shonen for me.
    Plus now that One Piece is having a timeskip, everyone uses Naruto as the example. It's sad.

    Well ratings are slowly dropping. It's hardly one of the big three anymore.
    Well Naruto even throws out the main theme of hard work over destiny. That and the recent flashback is just full of stupid decisions.

    And Bleach's art is even going downhill. There's no background, and all of the reaction shots are the same these days. Plus his faces are starting to blend together and look the same too.
    Bleach is just bad, plain and simple. Naruto was good until the time skip, now it's just disappointing. It could be good, but it just isn't. Bleach lost all hope years ago.
    Hey, another person who likes One Piece but doesn't like Bleach. That's rare here.
    Yeah I see what you mean. Many people want Ash to continue but if he is going to start over each time it really is getting old. I do want Ash to stop but with a better win ratio. He lost way to many times to become champ IMO although I wouldn't mind if he did, then at least the cycle would end. Well it was fun talking to you about this and I'm sure we will speak again in the future about another topic unless you want to continue. So later and have a good day.
    Hahaha you do realize that Flint and Cynthia probably did the same things Ash does right now when they were younger? If there is a pokemon series where Ash is champion then yeah he would be super Ash and all the things you want Ash to do would happen lol. The only pokemon Ash could really do that with currently is Charizard but thats only if he kept it with him and trained it personally so it would be his equal to Cynthia's Garchomp and Flint's Infernape. Well I take back what I said last sentence there are other pokemon of Ash's that could do that too lol. Your 4th point is very true but some moves need to be dodged its the tough question of what to dodge. A hyper beam for sure but a ice punch, maybe not so much. Do you ever feel like the battle doesn't go fast enough? Like the moves don't flow from one to another? Based on what you've said so far I'm guessing you don't like counter shield right or any other gimmicks like Thunder armor which was a big WTF in Hoenn.
    I guess you can say that but switching out a weak pokemon for a stronger one can be strategy, its all really POV. Here why don't you tell me your description of an Elite trainer and what strategy they should employ so I can see where you are coming from. Here is a great example at the difference between Ash and his rival Paul. The 1st gym in Sinnoh Paul battled Roark and won in the end with Elikid damaging Cranidos's knee and finishing off with a Thunderpunch. Ash was taken by surprise during his battle when Roark sent out Cranidos first and it cost him the battle. Then he used the spin move to win the next time although that works only on big pokemon like Onix. Ash however beat Roark at his strongest with his new Rampardos so in reality Ash got the better battle and experience then Paul.
    It seems like you are ripping into Ash's style like crazy lol. I agree on some of your points but I always felt that the writers just doesn't let Ash evolve as a trainer. Its shocking how often he forgets some abilities like using Seismic toss on Dusclops cost him Charizard and forgeting status aliments boosts Ursaring's power.
    Hey man you should come post on the PS thread and don't listen to Dawn hater we in the PS thread still want you here. Other people is the reason I only post on the PS thread because I know people won't be douches over there unlike other threads.
    Yeah I read all the posts and it amazes me how much people think they know without facts to back it up. I also agree that Ash is getting a free win over Paul like you said in another thread.
    Dude I read your latest post on the pearlshipping thread. Do you need back up on those threads that say Dawn will leave? I'm a firm believer that Dawn will be in Best Wishes although I don't have my hope too high. Well anyway I got some ammo so if you need backup and there is a flame war going on count me in to watch your back. The ammo I have aren't flames they're Magma and will probably make the other shippers cry but its a last resort thing. I'd rather peacefully talk things out and disagree on things but insult Dawn and get ready for he*l
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