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  • I know you meant "slowly," but "skowky" is a pretty amusing word.

    And how are you caught in the middle, may I ask?
    What's with all the ummm, boy? Speak up when you're talkin' I say, I speak up when you're talkin'. Y'all sound like you're playin' with a mouth full o' marbles, boy.

    (Foghorn Leghorn)
    That's just the risk you take when you strike straight to the heart of truth like you did in that quote.
    Look, I'm not trying to rain on you parade about the possiblilty of Dawn staying. I actually like her character alot. I understand that you like Pearlshipping, and while I'm not a shipper in the slightest ( at least not anymore) they do look like they could make a good pair. I'm not hating on it at all. I'm simply basing my opinions off past events, considering how girls have gotten dumped in the past.

    As for Dawn's letter, I still think it implies her departure. Also, the comment about Kenny being a "bit coo after he beat Ashl" was something she said to herself. Of course a 1 v 1 battle doesn't determine whose better especially when opponent is testing something new, but that's a different subject. Of course the writers could pull a fast one on us, and have her stay. If that is the case then I wil be the first one to say I'm wrong. But at this point, if contest are gone her chances of staying are gone.

    No hard feelings.
    I was lucky to find a good translation for it that came from a native speaker. Most of the people commenting it are not Japanese or did not have enough knowledge of the language, so they interpreted the words in the wrong manner, like they believing "original child" meant an original anime-only character.
    We just need another user who really knows Japanese to reconfirm what it really says.
    Im someone that likes to give an honest analysis on things. I goes back to me stating the result of the GF final, and even predicting what DP 180 was going to be about before anyone else in another forum. They dont take kindly to people going against the grain so they purposely banned me. Sometimes there is just too much blinding bias. I remember back in 2006 the majority of the poke boards believed May was going to remain in the cast, but they were proven wrong. Now its in reverse and they are going to be shocked once again.
    It isn't so swamped with people, so things don't get chatted up about as fast compared to here.

    The server isn't falling to pieces either, so when you post something you don't have to wait 10 minutes.

    And it isn't as rigidly organized as the Serebii forums. There's one forum for anime, one for Generation 5, one for general Pokemon talk, etc. etc.
    Nice topic that you brought up...

    Yeah.. I think writers are onto something. Making Hikari participate GF before Satoshi's last gym.
    Greetings once more, after starting to digest Lyra and Khoury's upcoming impact on Ash and Dawn's romantic friendship. You probably already guessed that I consider the villain I spoke of yesterday to be very bad news, given the words I used. To be more specific, this villain is none other than Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and to help counter him and his sinister allies, I have sought to develop an argument of my own defending freedom and peace in 21st century international politics, citing Ash and Dawn's current impact in Pokémon as part of that argument. Would you mind if I continued explaining how I came to choose this course of action?
    (nodding gravely) I understand. This may be a long story, but the details took a more influential course for Pokémon than I had expected when I first thought about it. I'll start with Ash and Dawn's teamwork against Team Galactic, whose agenda involved bringing forth Dialga and Palkia at Spear Pillar to bring about the end of the Pokémon world and set up a new world order ruled by Cyrus. That agenda bore a most eerie resemblance to my current favorite early 21st century villain, who first earned that position... a little over four years ago. The continuation of this monstrous murderer's dark purpose has ended up focusing my mind so that I have come to consider romance and romantic friendship as concepts to be even better promoting a broader purpose, defending freedom and peace not only in the real world, but also in the Pokémon world, but his identity will most likely hint at exactly how high Pearlshipping ranks as a concept to my memory.
    Yes. That might work. Now that Dawn's sensitivity regarding her hair has been explained, at least she can take some comfort knowing that Ash is still supportive of her. That scene of little Dawn crying about her sparkly hair may speak for itself... and yet, I find myself more used to problems that would likely be considered larger in scale, especially the factors influencing my overall support for Pearlshipping. Would you mind if I started describing those factors in greater detail?
    I see. Well, for the moment, I am happy that Dawn won against Ursula at the Asatsuki Contest earlier this morning, and now, she (Dawn) and Ash can continue toward the end of Sinnoh. I have a campaign rally in my home state to ponder this weekend, but I shouldn't have too much trouble. How are you at this moment?
    Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert? Hmm... I'm afraid I don't typically watch them, but I have been known to get into other cartoons that have caught my eye. One of them may be especially interesting to my thought processes, given its subtleties. Do you happen to know anything about a cartoon called Codename: Kids Next Door?
    Bingo. I was content with leaving "Pikari/Dee-Dee" alone this evening in my corner of the world, but I guess my lack of knowledge about that subject may best be attributed to my real focuses... including a show that has caught my attention quite recently, namely 24. How about you? What other television programs do you happen to enjoy in addition to Pokémon, if I may be curious?
    (chuckling affirmatively) A pink skirt, a beanie, and a scarf? I think those items match Dawn's cheerfulness and optimism quite nicely, along with her ability to sense a Pokémon's thoughts and feelings, as Mesprit picked up and Togekiss might very well sense in the future. I will likely be content if she and Ash end up trusting each other enough to share any unwanted secrets they have, despite my own distaste for the curiosity I've sensed about "Pikari/Dee-Dee".
    Interesting point about Misty and May. I had a strange feeling that those two would enter our conversation sooner or later, but I'm not complaining. One might think that Dawn is essentially a female version of Ash, considering how well they can recognize each other's thoughts. My recollections place May as being (slightly) friendlier than Misty, but in the end, neither girl turned out well for my memories. Speaking personally, I find myself thinking of other factors outside Pokémon that tilted me even more decisively toward Dawn than any other factors I can think of inside the show, but perhaps that'll be another story.
    Innocence, you say? That I will definitely accept. Ash and Dawn's basic happiness with each other has stood out most visibly to me ever since I first got into Pearlshipping, such that everything they do seems to be recognizable as another way to express their deep bond with each other. "High Touch" communicated that message quite well, I think... and in my case, emotion and willpower may be even more vitally important. What about you?
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