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    XY&Z Opening theme, "XY&Z" by Satoshi (Rica Matsumoto) and Tomohisa Sako - released

    Can't be too surprised that Mega Sceptile wasn't Ash's. This series MO seems to be "Dropping vague information and then laughing at you for getting it wrong". Because why in the hell else would you put Mega Sceptile on a poster featuring only the main characters and then "conveniently"...
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    Legend of Korra: Book 4 - Balance - Starts October 3

    Whatever it was, it was another case of Nick sticking their thumb in the writers pie, dicking them over once again. It's amazing the show was able to reach a finale considering the **** they had to overcome in making the show. In an ideal world, Korra would have been given 4 seasons with...
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    Legend of Korra: Book 4 - Balance - Starts October 3

    It was a simple case of "not being given enough time". According to Byrke, Korrasami was an idea being kicked around during Season 1. But unfortunately because of the world we live in, they of course felt like there was no way in hell Nick was going to go for it. Only to find out later down the...
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    January 8th: XY055 - The Weakest Dragon Ever!? Enter Goomy!!

    So the Goodra is definitely inside? I like it As far as movesets go, I'm liking: - Dragon Pulse - Muddy Water - Body Slam - Ice Beam I don't expect it to be a world beater. Most of Ash's fully evolved Pokemon don't have impressive movesets and since Goodra is a type he doesn't have too many...
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    NFL/NCAAF Thread

    So one division has one bad year and every idiot in the world is calling for the playoff system to be tossed? Nevermind the fact that the NFC South just last season produced 2 playoff teams and that any division is subject to a bad year. Teams have bad years all the the time. Clam your tits and...
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    Marvel Universe Discussion Thread - **SPOILER WARNING** (movies, shows, etc.)

    The only current Marvel stuff I'm currently reading is Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Woman. When February comes around I'll be adding Silk and Gwen Stacy Spider-Girl to that list. Read the first couple of issues of Axis, and got bored of it since it's essentially Marvel's version of DC's...
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    Gym Battles, have they become tougher?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think that there has been an instance of a Gym Leader openly admitting to holding back or purposefully using weaker Pokemon. I think the case is that the Gym Leaders are all tough across the map and not solely based on what order we fight them in the games...
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    Marvel Universe Discussion Thread - **SPOILER WARNING** (movies, shows, etc.)

    Picked up the new Amazing Spider-Man series and I'm totally loving it. Silk is really starting to grow on me. Can't wait to see her more in SpiderVerse
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    Official One Piece Manga Discussion Thread

    Finally starting to get back into watch it on a semi regular basis. One Piece is one of those few series where I absolutely love it, yet when there are parts that I don't like or I just simply don't care about and they tend to go on for a while, I'll just stop keeping up with it and just look to...
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    Power Rangers

    Kind of excited about this, but mostly because of the ideas I've come up since this announcement. One of them is I hope that the Rangers aren't already an established group or even friends a la The Avengers. Nearly every Ranger series is started with the Rangers already being friends or there...
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    Naruto and Boruto Discussion Thread

    I don't criticize Sakura because of some stupid shipping pairing. I criticize her because she is a badly written character, and Hinata isn't that much better either.
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    Naruto and Boruto Discussion Thread

    Is this really the depths we're going to to defend Sakura? The fact that she figured out someone's ability first? Really?
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    Naruto and Boruto Discussion Thread

    Although that opens the door for a sequel series where in the future, ninjustu is outlawed and a group of rebels consisting of the children of the Konoha Rookies fight the system to bring it back. Actually, I think I'd be okay with that.
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    Naruto and Boruto Discussion Thread

    Is that really such a feat though? We have characters in this series that piss all over the laws of space-time and make physical attacks outright useless.
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    Naruto and Boruto Discussion Thread

    Not saying you. Its just a common occurrence when this topic comes up. And until we get a famale charter that can match the likes of the Sasuke's and Naruto's of the world, or the Jiraya's and the Orochimaru's or even Kakashi, there isn't much you can say about any of them other than "Yes, they...