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  • Wow, good for you. You still have them now?
    All the pet bunnies I have died so quick and easy, usually within weeks. It was so emotionally painful that I gave up on getting more bunnies at all.

    I'm just sticking with dogs now, and one of them is a Chow Chow who is now 15 years old and counting.
    it was...I got all the feels when i heard the black and white ending theme ;________;...

    I SAW IT. "Oshawott! Take care of meloetta for me! Don't let her get hurt!"
    Oshawott: You can count on me! ;~;
    Yeah, maybe. I'm so excited for the next episode with the gym battle! :O Are you?

    Lol, I've heard that too but I don't believe it. What do you think of Kotetsu? The new rival.
    Yeah I think I did the same for a Dawn Avatar. ^^

    Yeah! They are so cuter together. :) You remember when they met&how fascinated Candice was with Dawn's Winter clothes. :D

    No Problem. ^^
    Most likely you found the episode already xD

    yeah that's why I choose Dodrio because I remembered the anime episode and she riding on it xD
    hmm I always liked her with glaceon but she already has one in the games but I sometimes imagine her with a chubcho :3

    Oh I see good luck on it ^^ orientation programs can be very boring but they are helpful as well :)
    It was a small little corn snake. We just fed it snails and earthworms.

    I've also had pet bunnies too, but they died or escaped really easily. But very rewarding to have when they were around.
    She is adorable <3...xD

    I like it. I would like a little bit longer battle...but since quilava (or really just the cyndiquil evolution line in general) and pikachu are like my favorite pokemon ever, I have no problem with it. XD
    Yeah, I was just asking. I like that too&how friendly she is even with challengers to her GYM.
    I like that her Hot Spicy Ice Cream bar inspired Dawn to make the Flame Ice combination. :)
    Shinji is chasing you with a Chimchar.
    Shinji: ROAR!! I will kill all Satoshi fans with their Chimchar faces!

    yes, indeed. Nice to talk to you again! :)
    Yeah, a 1 on 1 battle sounds cool and it won't be rushed. :D

    I think Team Rocket are using them, like how they are using Meloetta in which they get red eyes, kinda scary though. I feel bad for Meloetta, I think she leaves soon but I'd miss her. :/
    Yeah, the rest are Magikarp :). But if Ash used his strongest Pokemon I really think he could have won no matter how many legendaries he had. This is who I think are his Top 6
    6.Heracross/Bulbasaur can't think of a 6th
    I don't know. I kind of like him but I mostly dislike him. He's the first trainer we see Ash battle with legendaries&he was able to take out 2 of them. But I hate how he supposedly beat every gym leader with just his Darkrai. (I doubt he faced Candice since she rarely gets challenges because of the cold.) I also believe he didn't beat Volkner he just took one of those badges during the time Volkner felt like not battling&just gave out badges to anyone. Plus, he beat Ash with legendaries. That's cheap.
    I was hoping they would show him losing to the E4 because he never used any strategies. ^^

    Do you like him?
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