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    "Teach me how to RNG" thread

    So i'm able to manipulate the natures of the pokemon, but i don't understand the IV spread or the steps necessary to get it. I've used the smogon guide and watched alot of youtube videos, but it's always poorly explained and steps are skipped. (DPPt) Can anyone help me out and the others who...
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    IV Bred Trading Thread

    Max IVs Hi i'm looking for: A Ditto With 31 IVs on every stat AND/OR A Male Dragon egg pokemon with 31 IVs on every stat A Male Ground egg pokemon with 31 IVs on every stat A Male Plant egg " " A Male Human Shape "...
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    Official 5th Gen. EV/IV (Training) Thread

    In HeartGold and SoulSilver, the baby will inherit three IVs, each from a different stat and from a random parent. In addition, a new mechanic was added to breeding, where if either or both parents holds an EV item, instead, the baby will receive the IV of the corresponding stat from one of...
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    The Pokemon Questions Thread Again!

    when i make a thread, when does it show up?