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  • Sorry, man. I've been a little obsessive over trying to SR a shiny Virizion. I'm taking a small break from that for breeding projects. You still need that Shellos, let me know when you're free to trade.
    My holidays were nice. Quiet. Yours?

    Would you be able to get together this weekend to trade for a shellos/gastrodon? And do you want it to have its DW ability?
    Heya, Def. Sorry I haven't replied in a while. The forums have been slipping my mind. Still looking for a shellos/gastrodon and spiritomb?
    Alright then, I shall be here at that time this evening. Hopefully. Well, I should be here. Yeah I will.
    Wow, I'm really sorry for the inconvenience, something popped up last minute. I'll be here from now until around 7 or 8 so if you're free between now and then I'd be happy to trade.
    Well I live in the EST so I can probably trade with you anytime from 4pm tomorrow until 9pm and on Saturday anytime after 5pm. I'd be more than happy to trade you a Chimchar with 31 Sp Atk. and 31 Speed IVs, perfect for a special attacking infernape. Let me know if that sounds good.
    Unfortunately no, but from recent trades, some of my more popular selections have been Battle Subway items, IV/Nature bred Eevees, Cottonees, and Chimchars, and Evolution Stones. Perhaps one or 1+ of the aforementioned are of interest?
    I am, If you're still offering I'd love to negotiate a trade. Let me know what you're looking for and I can see if I can match it or get somewhat within range of your request.
    Sure. I think I remember posting that I had Spiritomb like a long time ago. I don't really need anything you could have it for free. Just VM me if you ever see me on and Ill try to do the same if I see you.
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