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  • Sorry for late response... I've been so busy.

    My New Near is starting of pretty well, but could be better. :/ Yours?
    You got that right!
    ...You know, I wish I could play in the snow just once... Being in a tropical country, we barely see any snow.
    Though there was the time when it suddenly hailed around my parts.
    Well, I'm thinking of getting one from Australia, for it's quite close to my country (or directly south).
    It hasn't been raining here, even though it's currently the rainy season. Last year, it was raining by the time we celebrate.
    Nah, I live in Indonesia, quite close to Australia though.
    Might get from there, but just maybe... Copies at Indonesia are mostly fake ;_;
    Oh... Well I still wonder from where should I pre-order HG? If I pre-order from USA my parents are going to kill me... 73 more days... I can't wait to use the Pokewalker in English!
    Yikes! Ain't it cold or something?
    Oh, during the celebration, my bro kept his DS on at Animal Crossing 'cause he wanted to blow his Party Popper. Too bad I kept on stalking him to see the countdown :p
    *takes out dusty Animal Crossing : Wild World cartridge*
    Well, we went BBQ again like last year, only the location is different. Well, the fireworks are amazing here. How 'bout you? :)
    Well, I crammed the last of the year at PMD Sky. Managed to finish the seven legendary treasures, yet didn't managed to recruit anyone 'cept Giratina.

    And first day of the new year =D
    My dad bought me an SD card! :D It just stores stuff and lets you play your music, though, so it's not that AWESOME... I love flipnote, too. >w< So awesome~
    My dad also bought me the bible...

    Happy New Years to you, too!
    Not that easy, I had trouble the first time I tried to beat Primal Dialga.
    I haven't recruited Uxie at my PMD Sky, but for PMD Time, I recruited all the legendaries available there.
    Yeah, it is... (though I like Shaymin there)
    Primal Dialga is the final boss in the main storyline. If the post-storyline, it's Darkrai
    So... You're female right? (obviously because of Chikorita)

    3 for each of us, bro got bored with Sky... so... yeah... ^^;
    I wouldn't want to delete all my data, not with my maxed out starter (besides HP), Guildmaster Rank, 3 Miracle Chests, a Golden Mask, a Wonder Crest, an IQ Booster, bla bla bla... I even nearly got all the challenge requests from the legendaries...
    You're a... Chikorita, am I right? Or is your partner Chikorita?
    Just attained another copy of PMD Sky. Got Eevee as my starter and chose Vulpix as my partner... And I answer honestly :p
    He "thought" it was blue? XD You're sure he wasn't just screwing with you?

    My Christmas was pretty great! I received the South Park Kit, a DSi, Super Mario Bros. Wii, and art supplies. And a bible. The DSi is amazing; like the Wii, only smaller! >w< I didn't get an SD card, though... :(

    Also, Merry Christmas! ...though, it has passed... :]
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