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  • Hey I just read your post in the your life thread should I start being nyself around this girl I like and hope she still lieks me or fake being a cooler version of me then start being myself when she's closer?
    Congrats, Deku_Link! Your appreciation for veracity and scientific dispassion will make a positive addition to our motley assortment of mental patients on staff. =D

    If you need me, I may be found in the "Criminally Insane" wing, gleefully drawing pictures of people loitering.
    congrats on mod love <3333

    except i ****ed up and forgot to add you to the right usergroup so i will do that tomorrow!!
    (7:18:54 pm) <%homeboy> grow a vagina
    (7:19:01 pm) <@Ellie> hahahahahaha
    (7:19:02 pm) <%homeboy> on your body or in a pot
    (7:19:06 pm) <@Ellie> LMFAO
    (7:19:07 pm) <%bobandbill> that's going to take a while -_-
    I have brought you
    to the seat of sweet
    music's throne
    to this kingdom
    where all must pay
    homage to music
    You have come here
    for one purpose
    and one alone
    Since the moment
    I first heard you sing
    I have needed
    you with me
    to serve me, to sing
    for my music
    my music

    Night-time sharpens
    heightens each sensation
    Darkness stirs and
    wakes imagination
    Silently the senses
    abandon their defences
    Slowly, gently
    night unfurls its splendour
    Grasp it, sense it
    tremulous and tender
    Turn your face away
    from the garish light of day
    turn your thoughts away
    from cold, unfeeling light
    and listen to
    the music of the night
    Close your eyes
    and surrender to your
    darkest dreams
    Purge your thoughts
    of the life
    you knew before
    Close your eyes
    let your spirit
    start to soar!
    And you'll live
    as you've never
    lived before
    Softly, deftly
    music shall surround you
    Feel it, hear it
    closing in around you
    Open up your mind
    let your fantasies unwind
    in this darkness which
    you know you cannot fight
    the darkness of
    the music of the night
    Let your mind
    start a journey through a
    strange new world!
    Leave all thoughts
    of the world
    you knew before
    Let your soul
    Take you where you
    long to be
    Only then
    can you belong
    to me
    Floating, falling
    sweet intoxication
    Touch me, trust me
    savour each sensation
    Let the dream begin
    let your darker side give in
    to the power of the music that I write
    the power of the music of the night

    You alone can make my song take flight -
    Actually concerning the tran thread, hasn't transexuality been grouped with the LGB support group thingy or something? I remember people coming in to speak our school about it.
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