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Last Activity:
Dec 7, 2019
Sep 21, 2007
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Delcatty was last seen:
Dec 7, 2019
    1. Pokemon Whisperer Natural Harmonia Gropius
    2. Erik Destler
      Erik Destler
      happy birthday!!!!!
    3. Slowking[George]
    4. mockingjay
      juliaa <3

    5. Slowking[George]
    6. Slowking[George]
    7. calze6
      Hey, are you still rescuing me? Please tell me your progress (if any).
    8. Cipher_Admin
      Hey, by the way, do you have a facebook? just private message me your first and last name and I will add ya!
    9. Cipher_Admin
      The advice you gave me, really warmed me up and made my day. Thank you! :)
    10. Delcatty
      MD2 Rescue Info:

      Average time per rescue
      I will do rescues in ANY dungeon to almost any floor. The only rescues I might not get done are ZI W/E/S 30+. I will still try, but I can't promise a prompt rescue. (For ZI South 50+, expect it to take several days at the least.) ZI North usually takes less than two hours (average time is about 45-50 minutes), and any storyline/post-storyline dungeons will probably take 30 minutes AT MOST.

      I can send almost any item, though I will almost NEVER send vitamins/gummis.
      I will send Joy Seeds/Golden Masks (I go through ZI North waaayyyy too often) on occasion, but please don't request them. If I'm thinking about sending one, I will tell YOU. (to make sure it's okay.)
      By default I will send a Reviver Seed, but if you would prefer something else that I have, I'll probably send it. I will ALWAYS send Escape Orbs, Oran Berries, or Heal Seeds if you want one of those.

      TY Mail
      If the mission was over Wifi, it'd be nice to a ty mail, even if it just has an apple or a plain seed. It's really nice to feel appreciated. :)
      if the mission was by a password, please do NOT send a TY mail. Just thank me in PM. ;) -- I don't mean to sound rude, it's just that I probably wouldn't use it because of the headaches involved with passwords, so you'd just be wasting your time. :(
      Last note: I MUCH prefer wifi missions. If you can send the mission over Wifi, I would REALLY appreciate it. If you can't, don't worry; I'll still rescue you. It's just a lot faster and easier. -- If you are going to use a password, please use this code for the letters. It's a lot easier for me to read. (replace the #s with the letters, numbers, and symbols in your password and remove the *s).*
      [*FONT="Courier New"]###### ###### ######
      ###### ###### ######
      ###### ###### ######[/FONT*]

      Thanks for reading.
      Friend Code: 5730-4970-7060
    11. Slowking[George]
      i swear im not i furry i just ran across it ;;
    12. Slowking[George]
      im cul so i can eveid teh capz limitz

      Are you the girl in the picture? >:)
    13. Slowking[George]
    14. Renelia
      Are you all right? Someone said you were gone, and I hope everything's okay.

    15. LightingKimba
      Juuuulia~! ;~; Get back on IRC, please, please, please!
    16. Slowking[George]
      I ran into this while googling sprites.


    17. mockingjay
      Happy late birthday Julia, sorry for not wishing you earlier. D:
    18. Delcatty
      Thanks, guys! I appreciate the well-wishing. ^_^
    19. Koji123456789
      Happy 18th birthday, Delcatty!
    20. SilverLanayru
      Hiya Julia :] Haven't seen ya in #spp for quite a little while (mostly due to me not getting on much)...but anyway, Happy Birthday! ^.^ Hope you have an awesometastic today!
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