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  • Hi! I just want to say thank you very much for your comments on "The Bells"! I'm very inactive on this site but I logged in today to reread Negrek's gift for me for my birthday so I might as well leave you a message haha.
    You're welcome! I noticed it didn't have any representation yet so I figured I'd go ahead and remedy that, since it was posted entirely in 2016 and only has one shot in the awards. :)
    Yo, kick me to leave a review on Switch before the year's over. I've owed you one for answering that particular Quarterly Challenge.
    Ok, thanks for letting me know! I've read up to chapter 68, but then fell behind after a busy week, so I'll try to write my thoughts on those chapters first and then blitz the final chapters!
    Heya, just wanted to let you know I've started reading your fic and I love it so far. I'll try to drop by for a review when I get the time.
    Yo, been too busy and have had too much of a backlog in that regard to R&R The End lately but I full well intend to get back to it and congrats on it making the Quarterly!
    You visited my page. That's kind of what I do; if anybody sees me, I might have a chance of making a new friend. And, let's not forget, if you want to talk to somebody, sometimes you gotta reach out yourself.
    Make sure to socialize plenty! We don't bite. Usually. And I hope you do get around to reading my stuff!

    Also, I just noticed your username is similar to my old one, InsaneTyranitar. Apparently we are both fond of mentally disturbed Dark types.
    Haha, I know how you feel. I tried writing a chaptered Pokemon fic four years ago but it didn't really go anywhere beccause I got sucked into a long-running RP on TVTropes. Since then fanfic-wise I've just done oneshots (three of which are here on Serebii) so I can appreciate a guy who's been working on a fic for as long as you have.

    I am gonna try and start a longer fic called Heroes After All this fall so there's that.
    Saw that fic of yours; I don't normally read PMD fics unless they're by friends (may I now heartily recommend DarkerShining's PMD: Reflecting Balance and Spiteful Murkrow's Fledgelings?) but I read your summary of yours and it seems interesting so I may read and review sometime.

    In particular the thing about the evil Hydreigon being responsible for the world's ills reminds me of something very similar I did in an RP. XD
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