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  • Yeah. . . I'm not really sure what I was thinking, outside just 'why would there be no color refs?' You should be good now, I already approved you char anyways.
    Sorry, I think I was trying to be considerate incase you were colorblind, but yeah, that just ended up sounding freaking weird, go ahead and ignore it.
    Thanks. I will still be checking the roster for inactivity and evaluating if I should let more people in, if so, you're at the front of the line.
    Looks like we're overloaded on Villains at the moment, but who knows how many of the reserved heroes will or won't finish signing-up.
    I've kind of reached my intended reserve number, but since I'll likely have drop-outs, it wouldn't hurt to be prepared.
    Dude if you have..idk say skype or something, if/when ya come back hit me up so we can chat. Would be a pleasure hearin' from you again.
    I was just coming to say something about the RPG, but I see Fire's already gotten to it, so... have a great day.
    Hey man, I get you're probably dealing with stuff in real life, and that's cool, but I'm locked in place in Cedardale until you post something, and that means DVB and Vampirate are too.
    Okay, the MLP RPG seems to have slowed down anyways, DVB and I decided to just go ahead on the Tabloid RPG and that anyone else to enter when they were ready, making up an excuse for lost time or going off on their own investegations.
    I'm going to assume you've left Pokecity behind, andt that's alright. Happy huntin' in your other quests.
    It's not dieing, and it's not a GM led RP. It's only been like a week. I've been busy bending over backwards for mom. She just officially ruined my life for another month. Nothing is ever good enough for her.
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