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  • you should make your character able to talk now... so that while the others are battling, Light and yer char can chat. builds up "shippingness" yknow?
    Hey, not to nag, but do you think you can get your sign-up written for Hoenn Apocalypse within the next couple days? All the sign-up slots are full(including your reserve), so I'd like to get the RP started soon.
    and that is threatening. ask anyone, and they'll say that's a threat. also, what about Absol? the forretress and the other thing are mere NPCs. no characters. you could control them yourself, but again. THEY WON'T LET YOU THROUGH. IT'S THEIR JOB.
    What I means, is that You get to post in the RP once for every one of my posts... You've already posted twice... Right now, you just need to post once.
    How does Halt know about the Buziel? In a past post, Darkrai was thinking of it like a memory. It happened a while ago, in another town infact. There is no way Halt would know about it.
    Go to the Sign Up Sub-Forum. Find an RPG you would like to join. There will be a Sign Up Form you have to fill out and reply with. Then you wait until the RPG Owner responds to your request with an acceptance or denial. If you are accepted, you can post in the main RPG thread. If you are denied, then you can either try again, improving on the areas that failed you the first time, or try a different RPG.
    You have not joined the 'Pokemon: Regional Academy' RPG. Please do not post there unless you have joined through the correct format. I've deleted your posts there. If you do so again after this warning; in any RPG you have not been accepted into; it will be considered SPAM, and you will receive an infraction for it.
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