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  • Sorry, that was me being short-sighted. It was easy to lump similar skills together, but that doesn't mean you'd be good at all of them. - Also, I'll add you to the player list.
    Yep, that should be fine. I was just trying to stress that I didn't want unrealistically perfect people. It's possible for people to be good at all three (or six) even, but far less likely they'd be great at all three (or six). I should maybe expand on that in the thread...
    Yeah, don't worry. Was just channeling the Doctor I suppose. But I'm okay, babbu bro :3
    Thanks bro. Finally was able to do laundry and finally gonna be able to go and shower.
    The post is fine dude. That's what the M rating is for. Interesting character rewrite. Looking forward to the updated form.
    As bad as it needs to be that she doesn't need to go to a hospital that they'd have to treat her in that deranged state. If you can knock her out cleanly and somehow keep her that way, that would be ideal.

    Also we talked about Robotnik on steam already.
    We have a discussion thread for the Ponies RP now. I have posed a question to you guys, and it's looking like I don't need to post so you all should finish up the fight with Pinkie and Fluttershy on your own. Didn't you want to have Narga fight Fluttershy?
    I just don't understand how me and Bron can have the same problem yet we handle things so differently. When I faced a style of RPing I wasn't used to, I faced it willingly and adapted to it, why can't Bron do the same?
    That's true. I wasn't prepared for PvP RPing until I got into the first Shadow Necrosis RP, I may have complained about the idea of losing and the subsequent consequences losing would pose on my characters, but I opened my mind, I'm trying to adapt and improve for the sake of those I RPed with, and I feel better as a result. I experienced a different kind of RP from what I'm used to and bettered myself from it, so I don't see why Bron can't do the same. He needs to understand he'll feel much better if he would just listen and open up.
    Exactly. When it comes to RPing, there shouldn't be any absolute preferences. Shouldn't the important thing be to be able to enjoy it with your friends, or to be able to make friends with the ones you end up RPing with for the first time?

    In that case, thanks. I don't expect it to work out, but I appreciate you speaking up on my behalf.
    I have Aspergers too, but you don't see me saying I'm willing to sacrifice a friend just to maintain my way of doing things or coming up with poetic excuses to keep something I don't need. If he doesn't come back in the sequel, it just wouldn't feel right continuing the story without him or his characters and my motivation to be a part of said sequel would be lessened greatly, plain and simple. I know I'm being selfish in that regard, but the way I see it, as a friend, I should want to RP with him anyway.

    I wouldn't feel right getting you involved in this. If you want to try I'd at least appreciate the effort, but I doubt you'll be able to talk sense into him.
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