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  • Don't worry about it, it's not your fault.

    I'm a friend of his too from about over 6 years ago. Normally, I wouldn't be bothering with him so much, but for the sake of story I really want him to come back to the possible sequel that one of our friends is planning. As for what you said, he's too damn obsessed with all that creative freedom stuff. He needs to grow up and learn to accept when someone handles abilities differently, and not make up excuses to keep something he doesn't need. I'm 8 years younger than him and yet I feel like I'm talking to a little kid, no, a baby.
    Yup just lost how tall they are and everything else is proportionate.

    I'm good. Kinda angry at mom right now. Don't ask.
    They're short. Like really short. Look up the size on the wiki I linked to. Other stuff you'll just have to wing it man.
    I'd like her to be in the area though. Close to the stage. The way I'm doing it she needs to be at least in the audience.
    I had an okay christmas, also, my post was delayed (working on it right now) due to company staying over and extremely nosy kids. I should be back in full mode now.
    So you're just too busy to help me run stuff. Alrighty. Makes me sad, but I understand. You'll be able to get over to Town Hall though, right? Soon? We're stalled until you two get there.
    can't post tonight, I might be able to post tomorrow, MAYBE... Having to rearrange the house for christmas and crap. Leaves me tired and wanting to just sleep.
    Been doing okay.

    Sure, I can try to answer your questions, but Bron might have better answers since he's running it.
    Goody, but it's our RP. Though you're setting a pretty bad example as a GM by holding up the entire thing, man. Also let Slip know.

    I've been good. Working on a sign-up for yet another RP.
    I guess so, granted, I can't post anything till you've posted anyways. Don't know if Narga is going to pursue temporarily or leave it be.
    maybe... I was thinking of naked wings, aka feathers burned off or in Indigo's real formed, just more holes that will repair eventually, aside from birth given holes. Don't know about wavering illusion though.
    nah, not mad at you. Currently figuring out how to write a post that doesn't seem like I'm playing god mode. *Aka getting out of the scuffle without losing form* Guaranteed that I won't be walking out without wings being injured. :p
    *poke poke* Waiting on response for MLP RPG. I don't think we're be getting out of this encounter without probably some minor scuffles or loss of pride for backing down. :p Granted, my character will more likely back out due to several reasons.
    Delta, why is your character carnivoourous? Wouldn't Venison (deer) be sentient? Because dragons eat gems among other foods and I doubt anyone would get away with meat eating in equestria outside maybe fish
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