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  • No problem, and thank you for Salandit.

    Hope that Riolu works out for whatever it is you have planned.
    I'm online now. I'll be in the festival plaza.
    It's not a problem, I probably would have made sure what was delivered to you was 5IV right nature anyways.
    Sorry, I didn't actually have a Jolly Riolu (Naive and Timid were readily available), but mistook your message as saying that you would prefer it, so... yeah sorry.

    I'm almost done though, so I'll have you added to my FC and be ready for trade whenever.

    EDIT: This is pretty much what Riolu looks like:

    IVs: 31-31-31-xx-31-31
    Nature: Jolly
    Ability: Prankster (Justified on Lucario)
    Egg Moves: Crunch/High Jump Kick/Vacuum Wave/Bullet Punch
    Gender: Male
    Timid Female 5 IV imperfect attack would be ideal... but if that's asking for too much, then I can just take the imperfect HP Salandit.

    Should I have any specific gender set aside for you?
    Yeah I got plenty. They all have Bullet Punch/Vacuum Wave/Crunch/High Jump Kick for egg moves. I can also evolve it for you if you'd rather skip that annoying process.

    Can I ask what you have?
    v omg Dragalge it wasn't his fault. Ignore that Dragalge guy he likes to stalk people. count to 100 still sucked tho
    I liked the concept at first, but now it seems like a devil fruit grows everywhere. I do agree that the abilities of the different types are unique. I like the fact that you need Haki to even touch a Logia type.
    I'm going to take this to VM so as to not flood the thread with pointless posts of comparison. I apologize as well because my reaction could have been better. I just feel that in One Piece, everyone has a devil fruit now and it's no longer cool and unique. I remember first reading it and not many people had one. I think the second character to have a devil fruit was Chopper and he wasn't introduced for a while. Again, my opinion. My favorite manga isn't even like One Piece or Naruto.

    My favorite manga is Detective Conan and I've read a lot of manga to know that Naruto is far from being the best. The fights I've seen in One Piece have characters like Nami and Robin just getting destroyed lately. I guess that's why I loved watching the Pacifistas murk the Straw Hats and a lot of the Supernovas. I suppose I just feel like a lot of the abilities in every manga like this (not just One Piece) have become generic and unoriginal. Unless your Law and in that case you're a badass.
    Great game. Sorry for that Critical Hit hax on your Gardevoir. I think that mattered. My Breloom has Max EVs in Attack and has a Jolly nature, but doesn't have good IVs.

    I should've just used Spore on Espeon. I had no idea what I was thinking. Pikachu came through in the clutch, though... Just barely.
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