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~Demon Maxwell~

I have a lot of fictional relationships.
Rikka Takanashi is my waifu. *snickers*
Jeff Clement = best narrator ever.
David Cummings = Perfect, best narrator ever (too).
I don't have friends; just acquaintances, or shadows. And that's my own choice, that's nothing on you.
I'm not social. At all. I am the definition of anti-social.
I suffer paranoia.
I suffer depression.
I suffer anxiety.
I hate people who pretend they have issues. Mindless drama pisses me off.
Honestly, you probably shouldn't talk to me.
But if someone talks about me, come and tell me.

That's all, folks,
- Jess

Colour Code:

Red - Angry
Orange - Quirky
Yellow - Incredibly Happy
Green - Neutral
Light Blue - Sad
Teal - Mildly Irritated
Dark Blue - Depressed
Purple - Cautious/Wary
White - Fearful
Grey - Lonely
Black - Emotionless/On Phone
Fire Brick - Serious/Businesslike

Writing, Drawing, Music, Sport, Green Being Uncreative.
Oct 1, 1997 (Age: 23)
In My Chair
Favourite Pokémon
Nintendo Network ID
Detectin' ****
Authoress. Private Detective. Psychologist of amat




I used to care but now I'm pretty much just bored and heavily attracted to Jeff Clement.

Tumblr!: http://rubyhaireddemon.tumblr.com/