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  • [Sorry... I got many Visitor Messages in the morning, so I missed this one...]

    Gatomon: He probably did not know about it... but he did not stop even after he saw what was happening... I understand... but I do not even know who my parents were...

    [Ah, I see... and what? XD]
    this is my character i use in every "human" Rp:
    Name: Zenato Chou
    Personality: he is laid back, takes glimpses into your eyes but doesn’t mean anything, he rathers not make eye contact ‘cause his eyes are two different colours Blue and Brown, way back when witches were always evil, a brown eye was evil, and a green eye was good. When he sees a girl he rathers walk in the other direction, sometimes the girls pursue him sometimes not. He is a samurai very smart, clever, skilled in combat, and doesn’t like to battle but when he needs to you better clear the way cause no matter how fast you are his arsenal of weapons is undefeatable.
    History: When he was a child he was put up for adoption at 7 years old, then when he was adopted he was so excited to go home with someone… but that was a letdown, he ended up being put in the ambo black ops for training, so every day a 6:00am he went off to the training academy, and trained as hard as he could hoping his parents would love him. Then one day he developed a alter ego, that whenever he was EXTREMELY mad he would awaken and his name is Kurin, he is a blood thirsty mad soul that could and would take your life at an instance, Kurin is a seal of all of Zenato’s powers and when Kurin is awakened all of Zenato’s powers are realesed, he has heightened sense of hearing, his vision is extrodinary, his can run really fast, and is very strong.

    Good thank you very much
    Hi there Jess! i have noticed we have never talked before and i decided that maybe now we can start ^_^ i noticed you Rp as a (semi)regular human being, and gasped in relief that i wasn't the only one! anyways do you wanna Rp? pal?

    On another note: How are you?
    [ I'll take a look tomorrow, I'm just answering some VMs before going to bed. At least, I'll look if I remember. And if I forgot, I'll probably look when you upload something new, which I would see in my inbox on DA when you upload it. ]
    [ You're welcome! I see you posted some drawings there, I won't comment on them now, I'm tired, but I might do that later. ]
    I appreciate it cause its really weird seeing my family do that these days. And yeah It got my mind off of things :)

    PS Im reviving my tumblr xD
    That's all I have too. XDD You can still get good images with a camera though, so don't let it worry you. Last year I took a picture for her. XDD

    Thank you! ^^ You going to put your pic up onto dA?
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