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  • Lol but I like dark stuff. XDD May I remind you about Madoka Magica and SNK (well SNK is more violent than dark imo)?? But I can only take so much at one time. XD

    Well it's not so much what people will think, I just don't want the mods removing it and giving me an infraction that never expires. ~.~
    Aah if my picture turns out good for Cat, I'll post it up there!

    HOLY SHHHHHHH I wasn't expecting that. I WAS JUST JOKING. //just because of the new SNK OP. I REAAALLLY want to put this into my sig but I'm worried that the blood will cause trouble.
    Aah followed you!~ :DDD

    You're welcome! ^.^ Question: has anyone in Don't Starve ever bathed in the blood of their haters?
    Lol thanks. :p If it turns out nice, I'm sure she'll like it. XDD And it'll be a complete surprise.

    You should dedicate the fanfic to Cat. XD
    Been doing good these past 2 days my family has been a family weirdly enough D:. We had a barbecue yesterday with me making awesum burgers and on Saturday we went to a wedding and they were noriously partying a bit. It was so weird xD cause I haven't seen my parents like that in a very long time D: but it was refreshing as well ^^
    Gatomon: Okay... okay... calm down... oh, wait, you are calm. In that case, however we do something else other than this banter?

    [It is not, my friend. Ah, I see. Good luck! Also, I have to go now. Good evening and good night in advance!]
    Gatomon: Erhm... ahem... someone said someone and someone else were not in any kind of conflict.

    [I do, my friend, I do. The summer holidays would start then, or end? And... he would look adorkable? Well, that would be nice! XD]
    Lol draw them playing with a cat. She wouldn't know who's doing the playing. XD

    Meh I just like giving stuff to people but I rarely ever finish.
    Decided against what? XDD

    I need to start working if I do do this thing though. It sounds simple enough, I decided to take two things she likes. XD
    Gatomon: You are reforming? I see... for the better or for the worse?

    [It is not a terrible drawing, my friend, it looks great. And I wonder how he would look... when he is sleeping? XD]
    It's a joke that Canadian people are to nice to do horrible stuff xD (I don't believe in it but oh well) - sent 3 days late xD
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