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  • Gatomon: Heh... so... now... Champion versus Mega. Great.

    VenomMyotismon: Losing your spirit, are you?

    Gatomon: No way. *Attempts to slash Myotismon and it hits, but does practically nothing.*

    VenomMyotismon: If that all you have got?
    Gatomon: Unfortunately... I have to deal with this first.

    VenomMyotismon: If I go down, I will take you all with me! Mwahahahaha! *Shoots colourful, rainbow coloured beams from his eyes all over, attempting to take the castle down and crush the others.*
    [I cannot see the picture, but I know which .gif it is, due to the url spelling it out...]

    VenomMyotismon: Ugh, enough of this! Who wants to die first?

    [I cannot believe that Doctor Who reached here! This conversation existed WITHOUT me telling anyone about Doctor Who... oh my... it is famous...

    Someone: Doctor Who is awesome!
    Someone else: Doctor Who sucks.
    Someone: Are you serious? Doctor Who is awesome!

    ^ What happened at school]
    VenomMyotismon: Well, at least I still have my dapperness!

    Gatomon: So it was... AH!

    Myotismon: *His body disintegrates... and it forms back into a bigger, badder monster, VenomMyotismon.*

    VenomMyotismon: What do you say, now, Pal?

    [Caution: VenomMyotismon is at the MEGA Stage.]
    Gatomon: Well, no harm in trying. *Thinking.* As if. Trying can cause a LOT of harm.

    ???: A promise is a promise. You would have no trouble killing me.

    Gatomon: Well, sure... *Withdraws fist.*

    Myotismon: What? Backing away?

    Gatomon: No. *Rushes forward and impales Myotismon with her claws.*

    [My Activity Board indicates... that you know Hindi? How?]
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