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  • Myotismon: Enough of this.

    Gatomon: Huh? What? Giving up so soon?

    Myotismon: Nah, just kill me.

    Gatomon: Eh... I know this is a trap.

    Myotismon: I promise you would be able to kill me without any trouble.

    Gatomon: Still... should I do it or not? Seems fishy...
    Gatomon: *Dodges.* I thought you did not intend to finish our... "quibble" right now, Lord Myotismon?

    Myotismon: On second thought, my dear kitty, we may as well get this over with.

    Gatomon: As you wish, Lord Myotismon. *Attempts to slash Mytosimon with her ridiculously sharp claws.*

    Myotismon: *Dodges.* Ah, you were correct, after all, Digi-Kitty, this is "fun"!

    [And I have to go now. Good evening and good night in advance!]
    Gatomon: Oh... scared, are you? Do not be scared, Lord Myotismon, I am a mere cat.

    Myotismon: No, my sweet girl... I am but a mere vampire... I just suck blood! I am that pathetic. *Pretends to weep.*

    Gatomon: *Pretends to comfort Myotismon.* No, Lord Myotismon, you are the supreme vampire of dapperness... you are a mighty person.

    Myotismon: AND SO I AM! GRISLY WING!
    Gatomon: Would you like to finish this... ahem... "quibble" right now, Lord Myotismon?

    Myotismon: No, my sweet minion, I would like to drag our little "debate" a little longer. What fun if we end it already?

    Gatomon: Ah, Lord Myotismon, whether something is fun or not is up to opinion... and we shall have "fun", trust me.

    Myotismon: Ah, quit using your alluring voice, my loyal servant. It hurts. Oh, I am so scared!
    [I see.]

    ???: Well... it is time to reveal my name, then, it is about time.

    ???: But the makers of the RP already know that, Myotismon.

    Myotismon: But they do not, Gatomon.

    Gatomon: *Walks up there.* Oh, they do. Unless they do not have ears, which they do have. How much, ah... talk have I missed?
    [I was already pretty sure you would not do that. I was intrigued whether you understood that I was being sarcastic or not.]

    ???: No, I merely mean to torment her... Pal. Let her see what I can do, make her fear. It is no fun if I demonstrate it to her on herself, is it? And who knows where she is?
    [What happened to your sense of sarcasm?]

    ???: Too bad she is not here to hear those things. So... who wants to turn into a keychain first?
    [ They seem dapper to me. I already know that all vampires are not dapper.]

    ???: Come on, I just wanted to turn you all into keychains of sentimental value to me. Who cares about that Gato, anyway?
    ???: Well, a variation is that apathy killed the cat. And that was not a compliment, Handsome Scientist, merely a nickname. Also, I am not just a vampire. I am a blond, elf-eared, dapper vampire.
    ???: I see... I see that you do not understand, Mr. Handsome Scientist and Ms. Girl-Who-Follows-Scientist. And I am apathetic towards hate. Because I hate everyone. *Smirks.* You know, curiousity killed the cat. My name is not, "Curiousity", but I shall still kill kitty one day. And you four, too.
    I understand, Pal. I, almost 80 per cent of the time, use my phone so my skills have been honed quite a bit.
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