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  • There's no need to feel guilty :)

    Ah, I see. How's that working out?
    That's the strangest set of characters that I've ever heard XD
    I hear you. Boys can be like that sometimes
    I'd rather play. I don't care if I get hurt

    Good ^_^

    At least you're not hungry anymore xD
    I only know 1 vegetarian. He's a strange guy
    It was only me and 3 other guys playing 2v2.
    I always get hurt somehow when playing football. It's ridiculous

    I'd rather be a gentleman than not a gentleman
    Great (^∇^)

    When we get pizza we order it online from Domino's and it gets here exactly on time. It's awesome :)
    I don't see how anyone could xD
    Yeah. I've been out all day playing football. Hurt my knee in the process xD

    Well, you're not married so it would be Miss. Wouldn't it?
    I'm glad I helped then. :)

    I just had dinner :)
    Chicken is awesome
    Good :)
    I don't care if I'm moving up XD
    Did you know them?

    We finally found one xD

    Goodnight. Sleep well and have wonderful dreams :)
    I'll be staying up all night. Thanks though :) *huggles back*
    Pffftt. In the age of skype, why use MSN anymore? :S

    Anyway, Get off the computer, go to a library, and borrow The Shining, right, the hell, NOW
    I'm serious. That book defines the horror genre as we know it. It's just.... I dont have words to describe it. It's kind of sad, but how can you appreciate happiness, if you dont understand suffering. And the Shining is ALL about suffering. The movie was great too, but the book was just unbelievable.

    Check out Game of thrones, if you get the time.
    Pfft. Waiting is overrated. It's all a conspiracy involving Aliens, and the illuminati, as well as Area 51
    Oh crap, they're going to murder us for me telling you this.
    You are too :)
    Try your best xD
    I don't care what you're doing xD
    Wow. It must be pretty scary then

    Ok, let's move on
    I'm not really into movies like that. It seems we have very different tastes in movies xD

    Thank you :)
    Awesome :)
    I could never be irritated by you ;)
    I shall try. Starting........NOW!
    Wow, that must be a dangerous area :/

    I know right XD
    Ummmm, what kind of movies do you like to watch?

    That's alright. It's not your fault
    I'll try to make up for his absence then :)
    Yeah. I'm very glad :)
    I've got some catching up to do then xD
    Wow. What happened? D:

    They were quite awful and they got worse as they went on
    It must've been awfully sad then
    It's freaking awesome. Bane sounds like a posh Darth Vader in it xD

    I know I might sound annoying now but could you please reply to the PM I sent a while back?
    You still use MSN o_O

    I'm guessing it is a rough patch. You're pretty likeable, so I doubt he can stay mad, or whatever he is, at you for long

    Speaking of which. Have you read the shining? There's a sequel to that coming up :D
    I cant wait
    I'll defintely try to not be a jerk :)
    I didn't know I was your huggle buddy xD *glomps back*
    I will now be a student of whatever that's called xD
    Yep :)
    I'll go to the library on Wednesday :)

    The line is "Here's Johnny!" and he says it while breaking through a door with an axe
    That does sound pretty sad :(
    I recently saw The Dark Knight Rises. It was totally epic
    Yeppers :)

    That pretty much describes me too
    I should start following that philosophy :D
    He's Mr. Money in the Bank for a reason :)
    I'll definitely try to acquire one ^^

    The Shining and Misery were good movies
    I've heard of it and it's terrible sadness. Never watched it though. What made you cry when you watched it?
    Good ^_^

    I'm really starting to dislike this guy
    That's a good attitude to have :)
    He always does. ^^
    I haven't actually read any of her books. I might give them a try :)

    Yeah. Most of his books have been adapted into movies too
    I haven't read any of his books. I've heard great things about them though
    It's very funny :)
    I know xD

    Seriously? D:
    That's good :)
    Definitely. And my favourite wrestler should be on tonight :)
    Jacqueline Wilson wrote Tracy Beaker, right?

    My favourite author would be Stephen King. His books have a lot of different tones and they're very well written
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