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  • ???: And... how would you do it?

    Gatomon: By telling your name too soon to end the "fun", Myotismon!

    ???: Wrong. Myotismon stopped speaking long ago. It is me, Phantomon.

    Gatomon: Okay, whatever, where is Myotismon?!

    Phantomon: Want to know? Fight me, then. One on one. And fear me. You are at Champion Stage. I am at the Ultimate Stage.
    Gatomon: Well, okay, I will keep him out of your sight so you cannot kill him... so that I can kill him. *Runs up the stairs nearby.*

    ???: You really think you could do that?

    Gatomon: You really think I cannot do that?

    ???: Of course, I do not fear you at all.

    Gatomon: Then I would TEACH you to fear me!
    ???: But why? This is so entertaining...

    Gatomon: That is ENOUGH, Myotismon!

    Myotismon: Aw... why did you have to reveal my name so soon.

    Gatomon: Ugh... okay, ???, stop this!

    ???: But why?


    ???: Oh... okay. *Snaps fingers, stopping the illusion.* Happy?
    ???: Well, well... what happened? Does being a child hurt? Everyone is one or has been one at some point or another, you know.

    Gatomon: Gr... STOP THIS AT ONCE... OR ELSE...

    ???: Or else what?

    Gatomon: I have not thought of that part yet.
    ???: Well, well, well, how about a trip to your childhood to relive your memories? *Snaps fingers, which shows everyone an illusion of their childhoods.*
    Gatomon: Well... *Walks in.* I am here! Now tell us where those two are!

    ???: Oh, no no no... what fun if I tell you right away? You have got to FIND them!
    Oh well, it's cute! :3

    Haha, I must agree with you about that! XD

    I see. Hmmm, I need to make a new chapter for my fic....hmmm...

    BTW, when I have made screenshots of my Minecraft world, wanna see them?
    That's a great name, let's just hope it isn't taken by someone else when the thread opens again.

    I'm good, just ate lunch and looking to see who got name changes so I know who is who!
    Hmm, interesting choice Maxxy!

    Me too, I sweat a little. >~<

    What are you doing? I'm playing Minecraft, trying to make my little townhall indestructible against monsters.
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