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  • AHAHAHAHAAHA! I have arrested that dratted radish! That diabolical mastermind has now been defeated!

    Oh yeah, I forgot. ._.

    During my long*** hiatus, I had a dream for another tale to write! I'll be writting it after TLoL and before TLoL's sequels! This tale will have TLoL ELEMENTS but not a sequel or stand-alone sequel to the entire TLoL 'series'. It will also feature TLoL's Magic System, Abilties, and some of the story elements of TLoL like White Kyurem and me being a Dark Knight. It will also feature a very small.amount of TLoL towns but the Continents and Countries will be entirely different along with most of the story. The last thibg from TLoL it will have is it's main characters (i.e Matt, Anna, Jess, Tori, Savanny, most of the MAIN and Primary characters of TLoL no Secondary or Minor characters. And finally here's the best part....

    It won't be a Pokemon Tale like TLoL!!! The characters will be actual people, monsters/mystical creatures, and possibly deities.
    Oh so you've already put some thought into making a sequel? Sounds like you really like the story :)
    Ah I see. So is it safe to say you're really looking forward to college? ^^
    Cool, that's awesome! :D And thanks for understanding about the whole "getting back to you late thing". :3 And yeah, I totally agree with you! I have WAYYYYY to many favorite songs by him as well! X3

    And OK, I understand. :) But what got you on here in the first place? Did you used to not like Pokémon, and then began to slowly not like it as much as you used too? Sorry, but I am just curious. Thanks for understanding. :3
    ???: Heh heh heh... planning on returning home anytime soon?

    Gatomon: *Looks behind her back, but there is no one there.* NEVER!

    ???: Heh heh heh... I am not there... actually, I am... but merely in your mind...

    Gatomon: What do you want?

    ???: Why? I thought I told you? Return home. Good girls do not run away from their homes.
    Ohh, but I meant more like something like a nightmare torturing the main character, could be a nice filler part. I have no idea how to help you, honestly :(
    LOL but I do. XD I have a friend who likes some of the same stuff you do even so she likes SNK so far, but she's only seen half the episode xD :p I just never watched them.

    Don't because that's part of the anime. They even keep the same OP even though it loses the cuteness shortly after Episode 3. XD
    But you said they were uninteresting. xP I can't say that about yous. I could but I don't say that because I don't know them fully. And who knows, I could even like them.

    If you go into it with an open mind you will. And your warning is that it starts off slow. But that's part of the charm. It's a deconstruction.
    Gatomon: *Glances at Maxwell and whispers.* Does she know about those two, Wilson and Whimsy? I think she does, she was talking about them?
    But I HAVE! XDD Don't bash my fandoms Jess. xP

    It's ok. You'll watch Madoka Magica with Paty and I. Everything will be better because Paty is in the conversation. XD
    Well, just take a break then, something might just pop in after that. Keep staring at it won't help you very much. The break might also make you feel less useless.
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