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  • Oh, I'm feeling alright, just a bit of emptiness for no reason, but it's fine. What are you doing now?
    Gatomon: The latter because it is obviou- okay, let us stop this discussion. So... as I asked before, what do you propose we do right now?
    It was a very interesting transition. XD Eh I don't know if I'll be diligent about watching it though. I hear Dangan Ronpa is good. Never watched it yet but i know it's a game.
    ^^; I don't really know how anime is uninteresting. It's a type of show yes, but there are so many different types? I just consider it a show that I like watching!~

    Free is a new anime that came out about hot boys stripping whenever they hear the word pool.

    that's it.

    that's the plot.

    Here are the reasons made by someone to watch Free!

    reasons to watch Free!:

    no one’s died
    most likely no one will die
    half naked guys
    they’re seriously attractive tho
    did i mention no one has died
    It's just a nice break from death and gore honestly. Probably will turn into a guilty pleasure anime. ._.;

    What else? Oh yeah, no one knows what'll happen. People are joking it'll become a living hell. XD
    But technically Silver isn't anime...neither is Jayfeather who was unmentioned because he's a grouch but is still pretty sweet beneath it all. XD

    Wut you have against anime? :p

    Maybe you'd like Free! better. xDDDD
    D8 But....my babies. ;0;

    Ok so like even I find Silver sweet, but he's darker but shush he likes animu.

    Blue: But why Silver, why would you do this?
    Silver: *smiles weakly* To protect you, Blue.


    Armin had some good development in SNK tho. x3

    I don't know. Or maybe every character I like is sweet in my head???? xDD
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